Grounding is one of the fundamental things that I teach. It is essential to ground our energy if we want to function at our highest. But sometimes, grounding seems nearly impossible. There are factors that can influence our ability to ground. One of those things is not being happy with where we are. This could be where we are physically located or where we are in our lives at the moment. When we are in this space, we tend to daydream, projecting our energy wherever we want to be.

Recently a client of mine was in this very predicament. She had moved to go to college in a different state. After arriving she realized that this wasn’t what she wanted after all. Everything felt off about it; the people, her classes, the intensity. Her heart was not in it and she was beating herself up for feeling this way. She tried to find ways to connect and integrate herself into the college life but it just felt wrong and it was draining her. She longed to be at a different school in a different state than she had visited a few weeks prior. It felt like a much better fit and she was energized being there. She had applied to go there next semester and it was all she could think about. The problem was, it was making her feel more disconnected than before from where she was going to school now. Everything felt like an increasing struggle and her health was suffering as a result. As we talked, her energy was stirring, but nothing was really sticking as far as creating a positive shift. We talked about grounding where you are and calling back your energy from where she was projecting it to be present. That seemed to make her feel worse. Then I was shown something in her field that made me shift what I was telling her. I saw pieces of where she was projecting her energy coming into her field. It was under her feet and it seemed to be recharging her energy. So instead of having her ground where she was physical, we brought where she wanted to ground to her. Think of it as carrying a momento with you to remind you of someone or something that makes you feel good.

We simply set the intention of calling in energy from where she wanted to be and put it under her feet. I told her to sink in her roots and before she even did that, she felt better. It was pulling her energy system out of the alarm state it was in from not being where the vibrations were more supportive and allowing it to have contact with something that felt good. She relaxed and her energy started to perk back up. It was apparent in her voice. She felt that the time she had left at her present school was more manageable now and had a renewed focus.

I would encourage you to use this as a tool if you have already made a decision to change something in your life and the timeline is just longer than you would like. It is great for boosts of energy to make the most of where you are right now. Try it out and let me know how it works for you.

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