I had several clients this week that were all struggling with the same thing. They were all big meditators and had been focusing on releasing old stuff lately. You know, this Universal house cleaning everyone is compelled to do right now. They were clearing out old beliefs, stuck, old energy and could feel new things trying to come into their lives. But, it wasn’t coming. Even with all of the work they had done, there seemed to be something stopping it from coming in and starting to work its magic.

In every case, they had done the work to clear out all of the old energy but there was a problem. They were not clearing out what the old energy was attached to.

In our energy system, we have structures that everything else sits on. It is constructed to hold all of the stuff that sits on it; think the framing of the walls of a house. The frame gets nailed together and put in place, then the electrical wiring goes in and the drywall is attached to that framework to form the inside walls of the house.

The inside walls or the drywall so to speak are all of the imprints full of beliefs, traumas, old relationships, connections and many other things that sit on that inner framework and fill it out.

Each client had taken down their walls, but the same framework was still there.

When this happens, it’s really hard for new energy to come in and fill the space in a different way. It would be like if you were going to remodel a house and leave all of the old framing in place and bring in the drywall that was cut to the new shapes you wanted your newly designed rooms to be. How well do you think that is going to work?? It’s not.

You have to take out the framework too. This way, the new energy can come in to fill the space and your energy system has a chance to form new structures to support it.

To do this, you can set an intention for all of your old framework to be released and envision it floating out away from your body. When I look at this framework, it often looks like scaffolding. I envision a crane or a giant magnet coming in to remove it. It simply gets lifted out and taken away. I do this exercise until I feel like it is all gone. Then I invite in all of the new things that are trying to come in to fill that space.

Each client reported feeling much more settled after we did this exercise.

This exercise can be done by just envisioning it or if you are more comfortable, it can be done in meditation. Either way, taking out the old structures helps your energy system to adjust to all of the new things coming in and gets your mind in a better place to welcome them.

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