Feel Better in Five Minutes is an easy-to-follow guide with vivid stories that you can relate to. It brings energetic principles down to Earth so that you can apply them in your life right now with confidence.

The book is designed to not only help you understand and clear your low vibration emotions that are limiting you, but also to help you gain confidence using your own intuition.

The 78 techniques in the book are in an easy-to-follow format (for adults and children alike) that is fun and empowers you to be your own healer.

Emotional Freedom and an abundant life can be yours. All it takes is Five Minutes.

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Amanda Hairline - About Me - Intro

About Amanda

The world of energy healing has become home to Amanda Hainline over the past fifteen years. Her depth of understanding of all things energy, spirit realms and the human energy system has benefitted clients around the globe, including her family and pets. In her first book, Feel Better in Five Minutes, she has compiled some of the best emotional release techniques she has used with clients over the years and put them in an easy-to-follow format that empowers the reader to embrace their own unique intuition.

She includes some of her own healing stories along with her clients to bring a relatability to the reader and unravels the complex world of emotions so that they can better understand themselves – and heal.

Amanda’s unique perspective comes from a spontaneous kundalini awakening she had fifteen years ago where she went from regular mom to full-blown psychic in 30 seconds. She is a clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, channeler, medium, empath, author and mom.