I recently went to a dog park to film some videos. This is something I wouldn’t normally do because they are usually complete, perfect, mayhem but here in Austin, we had a toxic algae problem this summer and it forced this really gorgeous, popular dog park to close until it was back under control. My guides assured me this would be the perfect place to film, so I did my hair, put on makeup and decent clothes and headed that way.

Part of me was nervous about being there. My inner child fears getting into trouble more than anything else, but I figured if my guides told me to go there, it was safe and if I did get in trouble, I guess I needed to face that fear.

So I trekked in and set up my camera. It’s been forever since I’ve shot videos, so describing myself as awkward in the process would have been an understatement. Nonetheless, I proceeded to try and record my spiritual awakening story with some sort of grace so I could share it with all of you. 

About halfway through, I see this guy walking into the park and he is staring at me, so I stopped the video and looked back at him with this “can I help you” vibe. In all fairness, this was the third take and I was finally on a roll in the video. I may have been a bit irritated with him. He was nice though and asked me what I was filming. I told him, “videos for my website.” He asked me what I did and I told him I was an Intuitive Healer. I said it offhand, unfairly assuming that he would have no idea what I was talking about. He kind of lit up and smiled. Then I asked him if he was just going for a walk and he said, “No, I’m with the city. I’m checking on the algae problem.” I think the old me would have wanted to run like a criminal, but I was calm and we had a conversation about the algae levels. I guess I have done more healing there than I thought.

Then he asked me if what I did was Reiki. I told him, kind of in the same family, yeah. Then he told me his back had been hurting for about three days, and asked, did I know why. City worker, enlightened being; not what I expected. I told him it had to do with his dad and he looked confused. I just shrugged. “I don’t know, that’s just what I’m seeing.” Then I commented that the chakra in the low back has to do with money, finances and support in your life. He proceeded to tell me that made a ton of sense because all of those were a mess right now.

That’s when I started channeling information about what was going on. He was looking for a solution to his problem, but the issue wasn’t him trying to fix it, the problem was he had plugged into his solution as his Source. 

When we are having issues in our lives, we want to fix them. We think, if so and so likes me that is the answer, or if I just get this particular job, I will be fine. But what we are doing is that we are plugging into that ‘solution’ and making it our Source, instead of staying plugged into Source to fund us for all things and having the understanding that the job or relationship is a result of being plugged into Source. Source, Universe, God, whatever you want to call it, funds all things. If you start plugging into earthly things as Source, that is where you start forming unhealthy expectations. It cuts us off from our vital connection to the Universe. It also sets up the dynamic of expectation that whatever it is you are plugging into can not possibly fulfill which leads to massive disappointment. We feel hopelessly lost when it fails. So I explained this to him. He had the look of “Oh, that explains it” on his face. So I kept going. I led him through the exercise below. He thanked me, commented about needing to meditate and went back to surveying the algae, which is almost all better by the way.

You never know why you are guided somewhere. It could make your day. So, if you are feeling the pull to go to a closed dog park with an algae problem, you should go. You never know how it will impact your life.

Exercise for plugging into Source

First, see if you are Sourcing something other than Source:

Are you obsessing about something? A job, a relationship, an outfit, a car, college?

Do you have the feeling that if you have or do that one thing, it will fix all things in your life?

What about if it didn’t happen? Would it feel like your life would be over?

If you’re answering yes, you are probably disconnected from Source and plugged into something else.

Envision a long tube coming out of the top of your head. This is what you use to connect to Source. But right now it is plugged into the other ‘thing’. Visualize the ‘thing’ you are plugged into and see if you can sense or ‘see’ the cord.

Take a couple of deep breaths and envision taking the cord out of the thing and directing it over your head and plugging back into Source.

Take a couple of deep breaths and feel the energy of Source flowing back into your body. You will probably feel more relaxed.

Now think about the ‘thing’. It will probably feel less emotionally charged to you. You will probably be able to view the ‘thing’ more objectively as well, as in if you don’t obtain it, it’s not the end of the world.

Like anything else, this exercise is a practice, meaning, if you start feeling plugged into it again, repeat the exercise.

Let me know how this works for you in the comments section below.

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