We recently got a call that we had been anticipating for a while. Matt’s grandmother passed away. Normally, this would seem an ordinary occurrence in the circle of life but this lady managed to do something extraordinary; she lived to be 106. She was never on a long term medication, was never in pain and took her vitamins every day. She passed in her sleep.

At the service, the pastor recounted what his grandmother had told people over and over again were her secrets to living a long life. They weren’t anything that I mentioned above. They weren’t some complicated formula. Her secrets were to simply forgive; always forgive. As soon as you feel a worry, put it in God’s hands; always love. That may seem too simple to truly be the answer, but I can tell you that I saw it’s effects first hand in her life five years ago.

The first time I met her she was 101. We happened to be at the funeral of another family member and we took Matt’s grandmother back to her home after the service. She was feeling a bit ill, as the death in the family was sudden and unexpected. We got to talking and the conversation came to the healing work that I do. I asked her if she would like a session. She said yes. I was very curious to see what her energy system looked like given that she had never had energy work before. I prepared myself for a long session and tapped into her energy.

I couldn’t believe what I saw. This woman, who had never had energy work done, didn’t meditate on a regular basis (but did pray often) and ate pretty much whatever she wanted was virtually spotless. Every chakra was balanced and clean, every meridian was flowing and even her aura was intact with no rips or tears. Her energy system was cleaner and in better shape than anyone I had ever worked on. It was astounding. She had a little grief energy in her field from a couple of family members that I quickly removed, but honestly, it would have fallen out in a day or so.

Her simple formula worked. She didn’t hold onto things; no negative emotions had ever gotten lodged in her system long term and her impeccable health was the result. Not to mention, she lit up any room that she powered her little red wheelchair into, which she rode around on up until she passed. Simply the delight of a woman and a shining example to all of us that loving, trusting the Universe and forgiving is all it takes.

So next time you find yourself stressing out over something, give it up. When you are angry at someone, forgive. You can’t control what is happening around you, but you can control your reaction to it. Keep it simple. Forgive, forget, love.

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