We grow; energetically, emotionally, mentally, physically. Physically, as we grow, we go through different sizes of clothes and shoes. The old ones no longer fit, so we have to go out and buy more. This really doesn’t impart much of a struggle in life, other than maybe the monetary cost. Unless you are one of those parents with a child who has to find just the right pair of shoes that don’t do ‘that thing’ to their foot. Of course, you have no idea what ‘that thing’ is and they can’t explain it to you. I might be one of those parents ;). Eventually, though, you find the pair of shoes that will work, although you have no idea why, and life goes on. Nevertheless, shoes are relatively easy to replace.

But what happens when you have a soul growth spurt? What happens when the life you have been living suddenly doesn’t fit anymore? This can be one of the most trying things on your soul path to deal with. You are suddenly that kid in the shoe store and everything in your life feels like it is doing ‘that thing’ to you that you can’t explain. You’re miserable. You’re suddenly different and you have no idea why. When people ask what’s wrong, you don’t have an answer. “Everything” is the only thing you can think of. So what’s a soul to do?

There are many parts to this answer. For the sake of this post, let’s focus on energetic structures. Just as the physical body has structures, the energetic body has structures as well. These are different from the structures we are most familiar with such as chakras, meridians, and the aura. These structures can appear in many forms. I have seen globs of goo, metal-looking girders and scaffolding, and balls of different shapes and sizes to name a few. The energetic structures support the aspects of our lives; everything from relationships to jobs to where we live and even what we eat and how we think. Every single thing has an energetic structure in your energy system that it sits upon; an energetic matrix.

As we have soul growth spurts, our awareness expands. Our soul moves forward and old structures start to feel like shoes that are too small. We may become irritable, depressed, unsettled, angry or sick. Aside from other life changes that need to take place (subject of another post) part of the issue is that these old structures have to be released so that new structures can come in to support our growing soul. We need new soul shoes, so to speak.

While changes in life circumstances, such as a new job or relationship can take time, old structures can be replaced with new ones rather quickly. By replacing old structures with new ones, it can ease the unsettling feelings we are having and can bring a new level of clarity to what we need to change in our physical reality and how to go about it.

Below is an exercise on how to clear old structures. This is one way of doing it and can work if they are ready to go. If you struggle with this exercise or feel you need further help in moving on to the next step in your journey, contact me. I am happy to help.

Exercise to clear old structures

We have the capacity to be our own healers and replacing structures is no exception.

  • Get to a quiet place and lie down if possible.
  • Relax your body in every way you can- Close your eyes.
  • Breathe deeply, going through each area of your body, consciously releasing any tension.
  • At this point, you can simply ask for the old structures to leave. If you feel like you need assistance in clearing them, ask for help from your spirit guides and angels.
  • Ask them to clean out the space that the structures occupied and remove any old energetic signatures where the structures were attached to you.
  • Next, ask for the new structures that are in your best and highest good to come in and fill the space.
  • These new structures usually come in as light and form over a few days, so it may take some time to feel more solid with them.
  • A salt bath can also be helpful to clear out stagnant energy and assist in removing old structures.

As you shift and grow on your soul path, this exercise is very helpful to smooth out the times when transitions get overwhelming or confusing.

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