I got a call from a friend saying that one of her friends was in town and was interested in doing a session. Instead of over the phone, she wanted to do it in person. I was fine with that and agreed to meet them both the next day.

When I arrived and greeted them, everything went pretty standard, “Hello, nice to meet you, etc.” but things didn’t stay that way for long. Initially, my friend’s friend started talking to me about her boyfriend and how she was in a toxic relationship. I could see how this wasn’t a good fit for her and we started to delve into why she might be in it in the first place. At first, she avoided going too deeply until I was more pointed with her. “Tell me about your childhood.” And that’s when things took a turn.

She started telling me fragments of stories, losing her place and then lashing out. She would then cry a little, let down her guard and then, repeat the process over again. As I watched her go through this, and as we navigated the unusual conversation, something else happened. She was changing in age right before my eyes. She would start telling a story of when she was four or five years old that was full of trauma. I was suddenly talking to that child, who was scared and wide-eyed. She would say things like, “why did they do that? Didn’t they know that would hurt me?” So I would start talking to that ‘child’ consoling her and making her feel safe. Seconds later, her entire demeanor would change. She would cross her arms and squint, glaring at me. I was now talking to her as a young teen who, “knew what I was trying to do. I was trying to shrink her and she was on to me.” I would then address this girl who was in a different place, wise for her age and hardened because she had to be to survive. This required a more matter-of-fact approach, where I was careful not to engage in anger entanglement with her. I didn’t make her wrong, but I held my ground, sharing stories about my own life with her to help her understand I got where she was coming from.

While all of this was going on, I was multitasking. My guides and hers were allowing me to do energy work on her so that when these traumas were at the surface, at least portions of them could be processed out. This was a longer than usual session and my guides told me to keep going longer than I ever expected. I was glad to do it because I knew we were making progress, even though it was difficult at times to tell exactly how to address the person in front of me in the most effective way. It was also fascinating to watch the process of change in her as we unraveled the years and years of pent-up energy she had been holding.

Within a few minutes of stopping the session, she was back to her adult self and you would never know what was inside of her, the burdens she was carrying.

Traumas cause arrested development to occur in the energy system and the psyche freezing a person in time mentally, emotionally and energetically at whatever time in life that the trauma occurred. If you have ever been around anyone that has been triggered and “started acting like a child,” it is pretty much a guarantee that somewhere in their past, they had a trauma similar to the situation that is occurring right now in some way. It can be limiting and very frustrating for people who have had traumas to lead a productive, normal life at times. If you have experienced someone acting this way and it caught you off guard, know that it’s not you. It’s them doing their best to defend themselves (or their child self) from a detected danger. Act as compassionately as possible and don’t engage in their anger. And if you have experienced trauma and this sounds like you, there is hope. You can move past traumas and heal. There are many methods to do this from talk therapy to different types of energy work. In my practice, I have worked at length with clients who have experienced severe traumas and they have seen amazing results. The best part is, you don’t have to talk about your trauma if you don’t want to. The energy work stands alone to break this energy loose and release it.

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