I am starting to explore networking. My old ways of being an introvert are changing and I am starting to reach out and meet other people. Honestly, I have been trying to do it for years, but in a recent energy session I had flipped the switch so to speak and I am now a social butterfly. Weird. I’m not used to it and yet it feels good.

Recently, I connected with someone who has a company that builds apps, that I met on a business networking app. He asked to connect with me, so I responded and we talked about his company. I told him I had an app idea. I wasn’t planning on taking it any further, because, after all, it’s an idea that I am not ready to act on soon. He lives in Chicago but was going to be in Austin in November and asked if I wanted to meet. Being true to my new extroverted self, I agreed to a meeting, but as it got closer, I started to doubt myself. My negative self-talk started to creep in “you’re wasting his time… what do you know about apps??… what if he thinks it’s a dumb idea???” My old self was in a tug of war with the new side of me that was blazing a trail.  I wanted to go to the meeting, but I was also subconsciously looking for an out. I knew better than to use my old way of obsessing about how to get out of it because my body would oblige, usually with at least a 2-day headache and that was if I was lucky. So, I was uneasy about it but was going to go through with it anyway. I had planned on doing a great deal of research about apps, the competition I had going into it, etc, etc. Maybe if I at least looked informed I wouldn’t come off looking like a fool. Well, time ran out and I didn’t have any time to do what I had planned.

The morning of the meeting came and I felt fine. HA! NO HEADACHE. I conquered it!! I finally moved past my fear that causes me to sabotage myself. I was soooo proud!!! Then I tried to sit up. OMG!! The back of my neck on the left side felt like I had been in a car accident and I could barely move my head. I asked my neck what was wrong and of course it said, I don’t want to go to the meeting. Sigh… I had my husband Matt rub my neck. It helped some, but I was still a mess. It was 9 am. I called the chiropractor and they had an opening in a couple of hours. I just KNEW my first rib was out and maybe my atlas. I went to my appointment and the chiro checked me, “You’re straight as an arrow,” he said. “What? No way!” I joked with him that it was probably the meeting I had that I was nervous about. He muscle tested me and asked me to think about the meeting. He chuckled, “Yup! That’s it!” he did some work on me to clear the energy of this and my neck started to loosen up. I was still a little nervous about my meeting but I started getting the insight that who I was meeting needed me to have an open heart, that he was struggling. The app guy?? Apparently.

It turns out they were right. We didn’t go super deep, but he told me he struggled with people interaction and that he was shy. He was wanting to change that about himself. This may have been a time to pitch him on how I could help him, but my gut was to refrain, for now. After a while, we got to discussing my app idea and it turns out I knew more than I thought I did about apps and the process of creating one. He also did not think my idea was a bad idea and offered for me to meet with his team to discuss what the process would look like if I was to work with them on creating it. He requested I create a document outlining what I wanted it to do, etc. I agreed and we parted ways. I came away with the feeling of accomplishment in that I saw it through and who knows? Maybe this is a project in the not too distant future that the Universe has planned. Wouldn’t that be cool??

Each part of the body represents something.

  • The neck represents the ability to have flexible thinking; seeing another person’s point of view. If we are having neck problems, it is a sign that we are being stubborn about our own personal concept of a situation.
  • The left side of the body represents the feminine side or the receiving side, where you take in things that are brought to you.

So, I was blocking receiving the gift that was this meeting out of fear of not being worthy of it and fear of progress in my life. I had this rigid idea that he would view me and my idea a certain way, and that contributed to my neck pain.

Turns out I was completely wrong, and I was glad about that.

Exercise for pain

We can ask our bodies what is wrong when we feel pain in a certain area. This exercise can help you improve your intuitive skills and raise your awareness of your body/mind/energy system connection.

Clear your mind as best you can. Place your hand over where you feel pain and ask your body what is causing it. You may feel feelings, hear a voice or see pictures. You may just have a sense of what the problem is. Ask your body to let go of the energy that is stored there and breathe light into the space. Sometimes it clears quickly and sometimes it takes a while for this to work. If you are having pain in an area, it is often a result of an accumulation of energy over time so it may take a good deal of time to release it and the pain to subside. If it returns, repeat the process. 

If the pain gets worse and you feel medical help is needed, please seek a doctor’s advice. This exercise is not meant to replace any form of medical treatment.

Try this and let me know how it works in the comments below.

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