Well, not exactly, but close. I had this dream the other night that was kind of crazy. It was kind of a long one, and I don’t remember all of it, but what I do remember stuck with me. So, I was in this basement of sorts and there was this old bicycle. On it was a black widow spider. Some guy, who I don’t know, he looked like some sort of motorcycle guy, pointed it out. The spider jumped off the bicycle and started coming towards me, trying to get away from the guy. I had a broom, the old fashioned kind that you see witches ride and I was trying to kill it. I must say, I have terrible aim. The spider wasn’t moving that fast even, but no matter how many whacks I took at it, the spider kept coming. It scurried past me and crawled up under this black stove; the kind that most people have in their kitchen these days. The only difference was that the legs on the stove were about eight inches long, so I could get my broom all the way under it. I was still trying to get at the spider when I noticed a ton of other cob webs under there and I started cleaning them out. Suddenly, a duck fell out of the bottom of the stove, then some eggs, a chicken and another duck. The nests fell out soon after. Needless to say I was surprised that now I had two giant ducks, a chicken (which I don’t recall seeing more than a second) and some duck eggs to deal with. I was suddenly very stressed. The guy who was there (who IS this guy??) told me that one of the nests was for the duck and the other was for the chicken. Now when I look at the nests, that were actual nests when they fell out have turned into white porcelain bowls lined with cooked rice. WTF. I grab one of the ducks and plop him in the bowl. He fills up the whole thing. How is this the duck’s nest?? The other nest which is now also a bowl lined with rice is the same size. The other duck is waddling around, now there are baby ducks, and the chicken is no where in sight. I take the duck out of the nest and hold it in my lap and the guy tosses the other duck close to the doorway. I yelled at him, “what are you doing??” He said, “Your lap is full. I thought you didn’t want that one.” Then I woke up.

They say that dreams are a window into your subconscious; trying to work things out. I believe that. But what I have also come to understand is that the Universe and the beings that reside there (angels entities, spirits, etc) can easily manipulate this part of us and bring us messages in that space. So, when I have a crazy dream with distinct things that stand out, I pay attention.

How do you interpret something so crazy? You pick it apart and look it up. Start by taking each element that stands out to you and Google it: dream symbolism (fill in the blank) or spiritual symbolism (fill in the blank). When you look each item up, there will most likely be several search results, each varying a little bit in meaning. Read through them and see what resonates or feel relevant to your life right now. Sometimes, nothing seems to really fit and I feel like the dream had a different meaning all together. For this dream, I will break it down for you:

Old Bicycle: when you are trying to balance numerous situations or you are wanting to get to a destination in real life.

This makes sense. I took this to represent my past and how I had always done things. Trying but never actually accomplishing my dreams. Stop trying and start doing!

Black widow spider : The symbolism of a Black Widow spider in your thoughts means that you are suffering from a strained relationship with someone in real life, and you are uncertain about its future. It may also mean that you want to end the relationship and get on with your life.

The ‘relationship’ this felt like it was referring to was my shadow self. Doing work on love and acceptance here is key for everyone. I have done a lot of it and it has made a huge difference in my thought process, actions and goal achievement.

Cobwebs: Represents feelings about situations being pointless or hopeless with an awareness of the negativity in your life. You feel trapped by life and are living with a problem that you’ve gotten used to with no apparent solution.

Yep, that sums it up. It has been a tough past several years, but they are over!!

Broom: Extremely positive dream that means there will be rapid improvements and movements in your financial situation. You are clearing away old problems and moving forward with projects. If you are sweeping with a broom you will likely receive great news in the near future. Get ready to enjoy it. Your life is about to be filled with new positive opportunities. Be sure to capitalize on them.

Yaaaas!! READY!! I have been asking the Universe for this for a long time. All timing is perfect though and I now see the wisdom in it now that I am on the other side.

Stove: To dream of a stove represents your focus on progress, momentum, or getting something done. Slow, careful, or long term preparations. Preparing something important or special in your life.

I have been working on ‘putting myself out there’ for a long time, but fear was holding me back. Working on these fear has allowed me to transcend them and finally get to the work I was meant to do!

Duck: A duck that is running means an important secret will be revealed and good fortune ahead.

Ducklings represent positive changes are coming as well as new opportunities possibilities.

The mother of the baby ducks is a suggestion that a start of new beginnings is required right now.

Yay!! Fortune and good luck. An important secret?? How mysterious… I feel like this is going to be a great year!!

Eggs: Symbolizes new changes, fertility , birth and creative ideas. It is a great omen! Change is around the corner.

Yes, change is coming. It would be nice if ideas could come at two in the afternoon instead of two in the morning though ;).

Chicken: Chickens symbolize positive, unexpected and unusual changes in real life. A caged or out of place chicken represents that fear of leaving your home and your comfort zone. WIll you venture to try something new?

Ummm… yeah… A live chicken falling out of a stove?? I am definitely expanding my comfort zone. And I am ready for some positive changes!

Rice: Rice is a good omen and is often associated with prosperity, new beginnings, luck, fertility, sharing, companionship, and success. It symbolizes being taken care of on a multitude of levels.

I do feel very supported by the Universe.

Bowl: To dream of a bowl filled with something represents preoccupation with an experience, feelings, or ideas that you want to have a lot of. Noticeably not feeling jealous at all because you have a lot of something. Not being able to think of anything except what is you are doing or dealing with. Indulging in one thing only or not wanting to do anything except “what’s on your plate.” Enjoying a lot of something or feeling that experiencing a lot of something is easy. Negatively, a bowl may represent a tendency to think about doing something too much.

I do tend to obsess about projects I am working on. Balance baby, balance.

So, that was a lot but my overall takeaway is, the way my life has been is ending and new beginnings are afoot. All of my past life issues are being resolved rapidly and positively. My shadow self is coming with me, but in a positive way to lend to my progress and creativity. I would not be who I am without it. This is going to be a great year with lots of amazing experiences but I need to keep balance in my life and not get too wrapped up in things; to look around and appreciate all the aspects of my life.

Here’s to a great year!!

Have you had a crazy dream that you would like to share that you are trying to make sense of? Post it in the comments below and I can help you out.

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