The other night I found myself in a familiar place. I was having a dream that was pretty off the wall. In it I was talking to my sister and she was telling me my niece was hallucinating thinking there were all of these people coming into her house wearing pajamas. Apparently, it really upset her which I thought was weird until those people eventually became elves and started trying to kill her. Killer elves in pajamas. Yeah, that makes sense.

If I recall I had a couple of other disturbing dreams too, but I can’t remember them now. Although I do remember waking up and thinking… something’s up. Any time I have dreams about people being killed or something so vividly real I feel like I’m there, I know something is messing with me in my sleep.

When I finally did manage to wake up enough to have that thought, I looked around the room and saw (with my third eye) ahead poke through my headboard right in front of my face. “Psst! Hey! Hey!” A spirit was trying to get my attention. I told it that it wasn’t supposed to be in my house and it needed to leave. It apologized and went on its way which was nice because sometimes those things are pretty stubborn. I won’t get into it here, but I have had some pretty evil stuff show up that I have to call in Arch Angels to remove. Not my favorite activity at 3 AM, but it happens.

Spirits can most easily affect us when we are asleep. It is easy for them to access our subconscious and influence our dreams. Spirits don’t have boundaries and they think nothing of doing this. It’s annoying at best. So how do you know if one of these things is influencing your dreams? Here are a few ways to tell.

  • Nightmares; particularly dark, gory or sexual dreams
  • Extremely vivid dreams that feel like you are living them; especially if it isn’t a memory of yours
  • Super off the wall dreams, if that is not the usual for you
  • Feelings of overwhelming fear, sensations of being pushed, pulled, bitten; these feelings have a strange magnetic quality to them and feel very charged

It’s important to understand most of these things are just lost and don’t mean any harm they are just trying to communicate. If they do mean harm, they can be gotten rid of pretty easily and honestly, most of the time, messing with your sleep is the worst they can do. That being said, there is no reason to fear them. In fact, the less afraid you are the better. If you hold them as no big deal they can’t feed on your fear, which is what you want.

I have had several clients that report having recurring nightmares, some for years before they come to see me. This usually happens when a spirit or entity takes up residence in their home or attaches to them. This happens for various reasons, but it’s never the person’s fault. The good news is, they can be cleared with some energy work that only takes a few minutes. I have done this for years with a near 100 percent success rate. So if you are struggling with nightmares or feel there is something in your home, I can help. Your home is your refuge and you deserve to be at peace there.

If you do have one of these dreams or wake up and feel like something is in your room, try the exercise below.

Note: Arch Angel Micheal is for protection and that’s why we call on him here. It’s the easiest way to get back to sleep fast:

  • Say, Arch Angel Michael, please come into my room and remove this entity from my space and from my being.
  • Ask that angels fill your home with love and light and ask them to guard the perimeter.
  • If you are having a creepy feeling, say these things over and over until you feel it dissipate.

This exercise usually works pretty quickly. If it doesn’t and you are having repetitive issues, I would be happy to speak with you in a consultation.

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