A few days ago I went to a friend’s house for a visit. We decided that getting in the pool was the best way to pass the time since her husband was working from home inside and we girls can get pretty loud.

The energy had been pretty wacky all week and that day my friend had gotten particularly stressed. Actually, she got so stressed she had a panic attack. She told me she hadn’t had one in a long time and thankfully it didn’t last long. I told her I was glad she got over it quickly and we dropped the subject.

After being in the pool for a while, we got out. I took about ten steps and then stepped on what I thought was a rock. But it wasn’t. It was glass. My foot started bleeding and my friend ran inside to get a first aid kit. After what seemed like a long while she came back out and was completely frazzled. At first I thought she was stressed because I cut my foot but then she told me that her dog threw up and she had to clean it up before she came back outside.

While that may not seem like a big deal, I knew it was. Two weeks ago, her new puppy had just had emergency surgery on its stomach. Throwing up was a sign something might be wrong and this puppy was her baby.

After she calmed down, she started telling me more about her day and how crazy it had been, what led to her panic attack and what her husband did to help her out. He put the dog on her lap.

“Wait,” I said, “When did you have your panic attack?”

“Right before you got here.”

I then asked her if she felt better after she was holding her dog. She said, “It was weird, like almost immediately.”

Ah. Now I knew why her dog threw up. The dog had taken on my friend’s energy of the panic attack to make her feel better. I explained to her that animals, particularly our pets want to help us. We take care of them and love them. One of the things they do for us is to keep our energy clear. Most of the time, we aren’t even aware they do it, but it’s one of the ways they are constantly loving us back.

This is why it’s important for them to get plenty of sunshine, good food, clean water and play. It’s the least we can do for someone who is in our corner every day loving us unconditionally.

To help your pet clear their energy out, you can keep quartz crystals and tourmaline near their bed, provided they aren’t going to ingest them (such as puppies who put everything in their mouths). Be sure to clear the crystals by putting them in the sun every couple of weeks. Be sure they have access to sunlight as this is another way they naturally clear their energy. Being outside is also very healthy as the earth helps to discharge positive ions from their systems.

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