Emotions, like many other things in life, are not straightforward. They seem to be these free-floating “things” that don’t always make sense and can strike us when we least expect it. They can leave us flying high or feeling like we have just been hit by a truck. Why is it that emotions are so complicated?

For one, they aren’t concrete things that we can experience with our five senses. There is no tangibility to them. They are invisible. This makes them somewhat of a mystery to how they work and why we sometimes feel emotions more than others, even if several people experience the same thing. Why are some people anxious all the time, while some are chill? Why are some people innately happy while others are angry or depressed?

While there is psychology and physiology that can explain these things, the root of them is really in your human energy system. This too, is of course invisible, but it is the key to understanding your emotions and why sometimes, we have different emotions about something then we would like to have or we find ourselves reacting to a situation in a way that makes us cringe later.

Our experiences shape us

When we have traumas, whether it is something that is said to us, or a physical experience, it creates an imprint in the energy system. It distorts the reality around that person, place or thing in relation to which the trauma occurred. After the traumatic experience, we don’t see the world or ourselves the same and it can have a negative impact on us for years to come. These distortions in our energy system create an opportunity for negative beliefs and defense mechanisms to get created, which in turn can manifest over and over again in unhealthy patterns in our lives.

When we understand that emotions are energetic and have a rhyme and reason to them, we can start to logically process what is going on and why we have the reactions we do to certain situations.

The past is not the past, sort of

If we have experienced trauma, say being bitten by a dog when we were young, our energy system creates an imprint with this energy in it. There is likely fear, pain, noise and images that accompanied the experience that was scary and uncomfortable. If we were young when it happened, we probably didn’t see it coming and didn’t understand why it happened. In addition to all of these emotions, the imprint contains the emotional and mental maturity of us at that age. You may think, “why is that last part a big deal?” it is actually the biggest issue of the whole experience. When you combine the trauma itself with the young mindset of saying a five-year-old, all of that is frozen in time. There is part of you that never grows up as long as that imprint remains unhealed. This traumatic imprint may make you afraid of dogs, or an aspect of the dog like it’s bark or if it jumps at you. That five-year-old part of you that is trapped in the trauma imprint becomes dominant at that moment. You revert to being five again in a split second. All of your adult logic goes out the window. This can be embarrassing. We beat ourselves up for that behavior, but the truth is, you can’t help it.

Trauma comes in all packages

Experiences around abandonment, physical harm, bullying, financial or psychological abuse can affect us long term. Imprints can stack on top of each other, freezing our logic and maturity in those moments. This makes navigating the world confusing and difficult because as these old imprints are triggered it can leave us without clarity of thought or emotion. It’s hard to know what to do or how to react to present events when the past is at the forefront.

Now just think, not only do you have this stuff going on, but everyone else does too. This is why the behavior of other people can be really confusing sometimes. Most likely they are dealing with some sort of energetic imprint rearing its head and taking control.

You can change it

The cool thing is, it doesn’t have to be this way. Energy can be released and these imprints can be healed, allowing us to grow up rather than our emotional maturity being frozen in time around our traumas.

There are ways to heal our energy system so that we can move on, have healthy relationships, get great jobs, experience abundance and just be happy overall.

This blog post is just the tip of the iceberg.

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