We all do it, most of us do it without even realizing it. We walk around feeling like we aren’t good enough. “Why am I not successful? What’s wrong with me?”


Easier said than done, right?

I was that person. I used to beat myself up constantly. I didn’t realize that I was reinforcing negative things inside of me every time I did this. Thinking negatively was actually making me only see negative things in my life and was helping more negative things to happen. It was a vicious cycle. So, how did I stop?

  1. The first step is always awareness. And I will warn you turning on the light to look at how you talk to yourself can be not so pretty. You probably don’t even realize how hard you are on yourself. But this is the first step. Start to pay attention to how you think about yourself and the things you say.
  2. Evaluate your self-talk. Would you say the things to someone else that you say to yourself? If the answer is no, you probably shouldn’t say it to you either.
  3. Realize that what you are seeing and comparing yourself to in others is the best, not the worst. It’s easy for us to just see some cute, pretty thing smiling on Social media or a happy family all dressed in their Sunday best and assume they have it all together. Let me tell ya sis, I can almost guarantee they don’t. They have their crying and eating a package of cookies in a corner moments just like the rest of us.

So past that, how do we stop the negative self-talk? By addressing the root cause which lies in our energy system. Negative self-talk comes from energy system damage, namely traumas and hurtful verbal things that we start to accept as truth about ourselves. When we start to heal the underlying causes and address the damage in the energy system, our self-talk starts to change. As this happens, we automatically start to think and feel different about ourselves. We feel better, act better and start to love ourselves more.

If you’re thinking, YES!! I need this!

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  1. Debbie Nordyke at - Reply

    At 64 and I am just now learning of the constant and pervasive negative self talk I have been hearing and allowing to be heard without contest most of my life. It almost feels wrong when at first I start to question the validity and truth of my negative self talk…whereas my negative self talk begins stating, “Now you are being arrogant and narcissistic!”

    • Ashley at - Reply

      Hi Debbie,
      I am so happy you could relate. How do you deal with it when your negative self-talk begins?

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