How to stress less and chill more

This month has proven to be a doozy for the world in general. Here in Austin we are lucky. No confirmed cases of the Corona Virus so far. I don't typically blog about this sort of thing. Current events aren't on my radar much, but when the girl at your favorite taco joint takes your credit card with a tissue, you can't help but notice.

I've had a few friends ask me if I was nervous about it or what my plan was. I honestly hadn't thought about it much past stocking up on some supplies, just because everyone else is doing it right now and we were low on things anyway.

When stress is running high in the general consciousness, if you are empathic in the least, whether you watch the news or not, you can't help but soak up some of the panic. This is when self care gets even more important; get plenty of rest, eat well, cut back on sugar and carbs (because they turn into sugar) to give your immune system the best shot at fighting off everything and manage your stress levels. Stress is an immune system wrecker on so many levels, from spiking hormones to affecting sleep, but there are a few key ways to manage your stress levels that anyone can do.

Deep belly breathing is one. Simply put your hands on your belly and breathe into it intentionally. Say to yourself, breathe in calm, breathe out stress. Doing 10 deep breaths of complete inhale and complete exhale with the intention of clearing your energy is an easy way to clear yourself out.

Another helpful breathing exercise is to breath up through your feet. Imagine each deep breath you take in comes up through your feet and into your body. This brings grounding energy into your body and helps clear your head.

If you an an empath, chances are you are soaking up other people's stuff, especially if you are panicked yourself. Like attracts like, so if you are panicked, do some deep breathing and as you do this, say to yourself, I choose to let go of any: fear, panic, etc. This covers your feelings and anyone else's you have taken on. You can also light a candle and envision all of the energy/emotions that are keeping you in turmoil leaving you and getting burned up in the candle.

Lastly, take a salt bath. Put a couple of cups of epsom salt in a bath along with a couple of cups of baking soda (you can do it without the soda, but it's helpful). Just soak for about 15 minutes in warm water. (If you have medical conditions that make it unsafe for you to take a bath, obviously don't). I like to light candles for an extra way to dispose of energy I am pulling out. I usually save a bath before bed so I can just maximize the benefits of being relaxed so much.

Try these out and let me know what you think!!

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