Calling yourself back

A couple of weeks ago I attended a much anticipated virtual event. It was supposed to be in person, but like everything else lately it was converted into a virtual platform. The presenters did a great job of keeping it engaging and the interface was the best I had ever seen on one of these things. As a bonus they had this networking module where you had five minutes to interface with people the system randomly linked you with. It allowed you to exchange contact information so that you could touch base later. I sort of became addicted to this and did and extra two hours each day on the computer as a result. The funny thing is, going into this I knew it was in some ways, a bad idea. You see, my body doesn't like electronics. Too much time with them makes me feel bad and this event was two days of eight hours each (plus the two extra hours each day). It was a stretch for sure but I was willing to tough it out for the information I was getting.

Sure enough, by the time Sunday night rolled around, I started to tank. My forehead hurt and my brain felt fried. In the middle of the night I woke up vomiting with a headache and this lasted all the way through Monday and into most of Tuesday. Unfortunately, this is par for the course when my body decides to rebel, but by Wednesday I felt better. My brain was still swimming though and my energy just felt off. I couldn't seem to get a grip. I thought about all that I had learned and couldn't wait to apply it to my business, but it was like I was paralyzed. I couldn't do anything. I just sat around. My emotions were all over the place and I couldn't keep a stream of thought to save my life.

I did some energy work, clearing out my chakras and all the EMFs I had absorbed from sitting in front of the computer that long. I must have done 4 or 5 sessions on myself. It helped but there was still something else. A few days later it occurred to me that I had probably taken on the energy of the people I had connected with, so I did a couple of sessions to clear out anything I might have picked up from them. Again, it helped, but still not 100 percent. A few more days passed. I still felt I had something going on with everyone I had talked to so I went back into my energy system and removed all the connections that had been formed with these people. I was feeling more myself but any time I walked into my office, I couldn't bring myself to sit down and work. Monday passed.

Every week I write a blog post and I just didn't have the clarity to do it. While I forgave myself for the space I was in, I was frustrated. What was the deal? I knew I was still connected to these people, I could feel them, hear them. I got flashes of what they were doing, saying and thinking. It was driving me crazy. "I don't understand what it is," I told my husband, "It's like, I'm not here or something." Oh snap. Nailed it. I got off the couch from my pity party and went to do another session on myself. It wasn't them connecting to me that was the problem. In all of my excitement of connecting to people, I had put myself out there; literally. Little energetic fragments of me were hitching a ride with these people from all over the planet. I had scattered bits of myself all over the place. It had spread myself so thin trying to connect I didn't have enough of me to function. I called back the fragments of my energy I had placed with them. As I did this, I felt myself coming back together. My head cleared. I couldn't feel them anymore. I was finally coming back to normal.

When you are empathic, sometimes it takes several different methods to feel better again after interacting with a lot of people. This can leave you feeling frustrated and drained. Be patient with yourself. Take things back to a simple place and get in nature. Get off your computer and Social media; anything that is noise; energetically, visually or auditory. It may take some time to feel better again. Take it slow. And just remember that being empathic is a gift, even though sometimes it may not feel like it.

Exercise to call back your energy fragments:

Sit or lie down with your eyes closed and relax. Set the intention to call back your fragments. Say, "I choose to call back the fragments of myself from anywhere they have spread to in the Universe. I choose for them to be cleaned, charged and in alignment with my energy before coming back to me." Next, envision them coming back to you and take some deep breaths as they reintegrate into you. This may take several days to complete depending on how scattered you are.

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