I’ve been having a lot of fun lately putting myself out there. One of the things that has started happening is that people I have not talked to in forever are starting to reach out. One of those people just happened to be the woman who facilitated my awakening on a massage table 15 years ago. I was excited to hear from her. She told me she had watched my awakening video on my About Me page and was like, I was there for that! We set up lunch for a Sunday afternoon and I started thinking about everything that has happened over the past twelve years or so since I had seen her.

So. Much. Stuff.

It just so happens that Matt knows her too from before we even met and she had played pivotal roles in both of our lives. As we were talking about it, we were unloading the dishwasher. Matt went to pick up a glass from inside the cabinet to move it and the entire bottom of it just fell off. He didn’t drop it, it just broke. It looked like someone cut the glass in half. We commented on how weird it was but didn’t think much else about it.

Then later that day when I was at lunch with the woman, a guy was clearing a table across from us and dropped a glass on the floor. A big chunk of it flew over and hit my foot. (Insert lightbulb going off in my head here). Something is up.

I continued my lunch with her but definitely noted it in my mind. The lunch lasted four hours and something about it gave me a tremendous sense of peace and closure. So many things had happened and she was such a part of it all. Somehow revisiting it and getting her candid perspective filled in some gaps for me. I felt a weird calm as if a huge part of my life was now put to rest.

After I got home I looked up what broken glass meant, because obviously, it was something the Universe wanted me to pay attention to.

Here’s what I found: Broken glass signifies several things, pretty much all good as it turns out. It represents shattering past paradigms, such as shattering our past identity or what happened in our life in the past. Since glass is made from the sand it also represents time. It signifies breaking past time constructs, as in breaking our ties to the past and how we allow that to represent our current reality. It also signifies new beginnings and breakthroughs.

All of this made perfect sense. The closure I got from my lunch was profound. I have been shifting everything about my reality and letting go of the past. The breaking glass was the Universe’s way of saying, good job, you’re killin’ it. Keep letting go, keep moving forward. It only gets better from here.

Our past can be best used for wisdom gained, but it doesn’t have to weigh us down. It just makes us more translatable and reachable to those around us who need our help. If you have some things in the past that you feel are weighing you down, get in a quiet space and light a candle if you can. Imagine all of those things that are heavy flowing out of your body towards the candle. As they reach the candle, watch them be burned up and transformed into light. This allows the heavy energy to be burned off while the wisdom for your future remains.

Try this saying, “I love my past and I choose to let it go.” This speaks of acceptance of what was, but the willingness to move forward from this place. Take some deep breaths and breathe out the past, and breathe in the future. Repeat it until that part of the past feels like a closed chapter. You can use this exercise when anything comes up that you need to let go of.

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