15 years ago, I was sitting where you are right now. Confused, depressed, angry, stressed. I looked around at my life and on the outside it was the perfect picture. I had checked the boxes that society said I should check off. 

Husband? Check

2 kids and a house in the suburbs? Check.

Two fluffy dogs? Check

Cooking gourmet meals blindfolded? Check

But I was so freaking miserable I couldn’t see straight. I knew that there was more to me than I was seeing. Life was a black hole that I kept trying to fill with all of the things that “should” make me happy and the more I did those things, the worse I felt. I kept looking for those external things to fill me up. I didn’t realize that what I was seeking was inside me.

I struggled with finding my purpose and being happy

I kept asking for things to change, praying for things to change, and one day, I got my wish, only, like many other things in life, it didn’t come in the package I expected. I accidentally went from a regular suburban mom to a full-blown psychic in 30 seconds. This experience left me with otherworldly abilities; I could see and communicate with spirits, see deep into people’s energy systems, see and experience other people’s emotions and lives in detail. The hard part was, I had no control over it.

It was like completely taking a bulldozer to my life. I was unrecognizable to myself and nothing was ever the same again after that. It wasn’t pretty, but this began my journey of healing from the inside out. I jumped in with both feet and went to work, fighting to keep myself from ending up in a mental hospital.

Little did I know this would be the most rewarding thing I would ever do for myself.

You can live your best life, starting with a few steps

The good news is, you don’t have to have this kind of crazy experience to change your life. You can start small and build from there. You can take steps that I will teach you to improve your life, whether that be relationships, intuition, or self-fulfillment and peace. It really doesn’t matter; all of this can be gained by working from the inside out.

So, sit back, relax and start learning a new approach to your life. Why not? Haven’t you already tried everything else??

5 steps to find your purpose and start living your best life

my Journey

1. Stop the negativity

How often do you beat yourself up? A lot of people I know do this on a daily basis. REPEATEDLY. They keep themselves in a low place. You can’t reach the stars if you keep digging a hole for yourself.

The negativity keeps us away from Source. It blocks us from our own innate power and purpose. It keeps our vibration low so that we more easily experience low vibration emotions such as sadness, fear and anger.

Start by bringing awareness to how you talk to yourself. When you find yourself being too hard on you, stop. Replace it with a positive statement instead.

2. The past is shaping your life today; but you can change it

Have you had a lot of trauma? Did you have a tough childhood in one way or another? Our patterns of how we view the world are created early in our lives. But it doesn’t have to determine who we are moving forward.

When patterns repeat themselves, we can start to think we are not capable of greatness, but the truth is, we are. Taking small steps are actually huge milestones. Break out of the box. Do something you have always wanted to do. 

For example, when I left my first marriage, I got my own online music account with just the music I wanted on it. It was soooo liberating. It gave me the confidence to do bigger things like shop for a couch all by myself and start a new business. The snowball got rolling fast. It doesn’t take much to start feeling good.

3. Don’t compare yourself to others

It’s easy to get caught up in where other people are in their lives and compare ourselves to them. The fact of the matter is, your path is your path and theirs is theirs. Their soul came here to do something different from yours. They didn’t just roll out of bed and pop into life where they are. Most likely they struggled, doubted themselves and ate too many cookies on more than one occasion.

How many stairs have you climbed already? That other person may be ahead of you, but maybe your staircase was longer than theirs. @akhainline

It’s perfectly fine to be inspired by someone. Use their accomplishments as an inspiration for your own life. Write down what elements they have in their lives that you want to incorporate into yours. Is it their positivity, confidence, abundance? 

I have news for you… whatever it is that you admire about someone else, you already have inside of you. It’s yourself you are seeing and that’s why it inspires you in the first place. YOU are your own inspiration, whether you know it or not.

4. Find super cool people

When you surround yourself with people who lift you up and support your dreams, it’s so much easier to achieve them. You can look online for others that share your interests or ask around. 

Being able to talk about things you are interested in feeds the soul and empowers you to take action. When you start taking steps toward what you want, your soul and the Universe responds in a BIG way. Paths will open up and you will start to feel the flow come into your life.

4. Let good things happen

As you start to have good things happen, you may be like, “Woah! This is too much! I feel overwhelmed!!”

When we are not used to good things happening, we can start to self-sabotage and cut off the flow. Our brain and energy system like things that are familiar, and even though things are great, if that is different than what you are used to, it can be destabilizing.

Give yourself a break and take it slow. Consciously state that you welcome all of the goodness into your life and choose to release anything that is blocking it from coming in. Know that you deserve good things.

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