About Me

Energy Healing

For about the last 15 years, I have been immersed in the world of energy healing, with the only training I have had coming from Angels and light beings from other realms. It has allowed me a unique perspective of not being constrained to a single modality and instead allowed me to learn and explore the infinite possibilities of energy healing as well as the worlds that go unseen by most. It's been an amazing journey with lots of twists and turns but it has made me more rounded and able to assist others from all walks of life along their paths.


I'm a self-proclaimed nutrition junkie. I am also a naturopathically trained nutritional counselor and mom of two boys. My healthy journey began with my family which fueled my passion for all things health. From supplements and food to functional medicine, I enjoy sharing my discoveries with others.

My Approach

When I was newer to energy healing, I was trying to understand the gifts I had been given. I read a quote from the author of a book on energy healing that she sometimes sits for 45 minutes with her hands over someone to do healing. I thought, "45 minutes?! There is no way I will ever be able to do that!" And I don't. It's not the way I was taught. Luckily, my guides knew I was too ADD for that and taught me all kinds of shortcuts which provided fantastic results for clients in less time. EPIC.


Each energy healer works uniquely and there is no right or wrong way to do it, as long as you have the highest intention for your client and act as a conduit for the energy that is coming through rather than getting in the way. For me, I take a no nonsense approach of combining readings and energy work together, so that we are honoring you with the need to talk through things and get higher realm feedback such as advice on relationships, business, health and whatever else might come through. Then the deeper work takes place by accessing your energy system, diving in to release blocks from traumas, past lifetimes, clearing stagnant energy and the energy you have absorbed from others. Often times we access your Akashic records to read them, modify life contracts and discard anything that you don't need that may be holding you back. Chakras are also addressed, of course, addressing the damage that may be present, clearing and balancing them. Meridians and the aura are also cleared, charged and read for any information they may need to tell you. What I love about these sessions is, There really is no bounds to this work. Each session is different. I have had the same clients for years and every time the session is unique to them and their needs at that particular time.

I use to list everything I did on my website, but the list was honestly, obnoxiously long. If you want it, I can provide it to you if you are interested. All this to say, your session is yours. There are no constraints within a set modality, so you and your energy system have the ultimate voice, addressing exactly how you need to heal. All I do is listen and assist the energy to come through, for you, the real healer, to shine.