Your Meditations

These three meditations help you to achieve a clear and clean energy system, which is the basis for all health. I have specifically chosen them to help you move through the old, stuck energy and emotions that are holding you back in life. They bring attention to each part of your body to intentionally release blocks that are hidden in your body and energy system. These blocks are keeping you from optimal health.

Feel free to listen to them whenever you like although in a quiet space when you can relax is best. You may find that you feel more results with one meditation over the others. This is because there is more stagnant energy to move from that particular area. I encourage you to use them as needed and all can be done daily if this suits you.

You may find yourself doing them for a while and then “forgetting” to do them. There is no mistake in that. The Universe is just telling you to take a break and let your body stabilize. When they cross your mind again you can return to them.

You can do them in any order you like and do not have to do all of them in one sitting. Use your intuition to determine which one feels right to you and in what order.

Doing these regularly will help you feel better, sleep better and have more energy. It’s life changing. You deserve it!

As you do the meditations, here’s what you can expect…


This meditation is designed to raise your vibration slowly, stabilizing your energy system as it goes. Raising your vibration too high too fast is like eating a lot of sugar; a high followed by a crash. That’s because there is too much in your energy system that gets broken loose at one that is of a lower vibration and you can’t clear it fast enough. It can leave you feeling pretty bad.

This meditation takes it slow so that your body and energy system has time to adjust and so that you can hold the new, higher vibe space for yourself. Doing this meditation daily is a great way to raise your vibration sustainably.

The higher your vibration, the easier it is to manifest your wildest dreams.

This recording is about 10 minutes long so it is easy to fit into your schedule.

It is a perfect way to start or end your day.


This meditation works by clearing blocks in your physical body and getting the energy flowing again. It focuses on the skin, sensory organs, and nervous system, relaxing and clearing out stagnant energy and emotions. Low vibration emotions that typically reside in these places are anxiety, depression, fear, impulsiveness, stress, and being unmotivated. Clearing these lower vibration emotions can help you clear your mind and move you into a more relaxed and motivated space so you can unwind or get more done, whichever you choose.

This recording is about 15 minutes long.



This meditation specifically clears blocks from the respiratory system, endocrine system, and urinary system. These areas of the physical body can become blocked with low vibrational energy and emotions that can negatively affect your health. Emotions that typically reside in these areas are grief, despair, fear, shock, abandonment, overwhelm, and rage. Clearing these low vibration emotions can help you breathe easier and help your body function better.

This recording is about 13 minutes long