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The Confidence Reset

How to end negative self-talk for good

A digital course on understanding emotions and boosting confidence

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If you have issues with self-esteem, you are not alone. Over 85 percent of people struggle with some form of self-esteem issues. That means most people don’t know how to improve their confidence, or where to even start.

Low self-esteem can manifest in a variety of ways; talking negatively about yourself, having a negative internal dialog, self-sabotaging behaviors, surrounding yourself with the wrong people, poor posture, unhealthy eating; the list goes on and on. The problem is, the longer low self-esteem is present in our mindset, the harder it is to change in conventional ways. Positive affirmations and talk therapy have trouble taking hold if your low self-esteem is pervasive. It seems to show up everywhere in your life, overshadowing everything.

The good news is, with a new approach, you can start to understand where your low self-esteem is coming from and shift your mindset so that the world around you changes – starting with you.

In The Confidence Reset Course, we focus on increasing your self-esteem through emotionally releasing, and I guide you each step of the way. You can participate in this 100% online course from anywhere. The course includes videos and writing exercises to get you engaged in different ways, no matter how you learn.

I designed this course to take you step-by-step from the basics of understanding emotions all the way to teaching you how to release emotions and getting on the right track to boost your self-esteem and end your negative self-talk.

In the course, I talk openly about my issues with self-esteem and how I turned the corner by emotionally releasing it so that I could embrace my true self and finally step into my confidence.

I have been where you are. There is a way to get to where you want to be. It starts with a confidence reset!


  • 6 Module Course focused on educating you about how emotions work, why you have low self-esteem and how to change it

  • Videos where I draw out and explain emotions as you have never seen before, giving you a crystal clear understanding

  • Recap sheets on each module with the talking points outlined so you can take notes

  • Worksheets to help you get more out of the course and record your thoughts

  • How to quickly recognize and release negative emotions and thought patterns

  • Techniques that you can use over and over again in any situation to shift your mindset quickly



Here’s how this 6 module, self-guided course breaks down

Module 1

I’ll bust the myths about emotions, redefining them so that you can look at them in a different way

Module 2

I’ll introduce you to the root of it all – your energy system. It’s where everything begins and I will explain why it’s so important to emotional health

Module 3

I’ll explain why emotions seem so complicated and literally draw out for you how emotions are connected and why this is important to understanding where your negative thought patterns are coming from

Module 4

Expect a huge shift as I present you with a different way to view yourself at a fundamental level so that you can start the journey to loving yourself and being comfortable in your own skin

Module 5

I teach you how to shift from having negative self-talk into a healthier, more positive way of thinking and interacting with yourself

Module 6

This module is the culmination of everything you have learned so far. You learn the secret sauce to finding your negative go-to emotion and then releasing the emotion so you can start to build your confidence and increase your self-esteem