The Secret to Unlocking Your Buried Emotions

Here we are in Chapter 6, The Secret to Unlocking Your Buried Emotions. This chapter focuses on how our emotions can affect us over the long haul if we don’t release them. All energy, if not dealt with, eventually trickles down to the physical level. In this chapter, we delve into how each emotion can affect us and where it is typically stored in the physical body.

This can help you understand energy, emotions, and how they are related to your body in a whole new way. It can also help you to start connecting the dots when it comes to ailments or disease states that you may have experienced at some point in your life.

So, enjoy Chapter 6. I’m looking forward to you understanding yourself a whole lot better and I’ll see you in Chapter 7.

Documents and charts from the chapter that you can reference back to and use
Organ Chart