Color Spectrum

Below is the color spectrum chart to help you visualize different shades of color when you are working with them in your energy system. As I say in the book, it’s important not to work with shades that are too bright or strong as this can actually damage your energy system. This chart is designed for you to visualize and use color safely. You want to work with muted shades and eventually get stronger with them without overdoing it. If in doubt, start with the lighter shades of a color first and move to the more intense shades. If you feel really depleted in a color (consult the color chart for color and emotion combinations), start with a light shade and use it for a longer length of time rather than using a really intense shade to begin with to try and speed things up.

You may be asking yourself, why didn’t you just stick this cool chart in the book, Amanda? Wouldn’t that have been easier??

The short answer is yes, BUT when I told my publisher that I wanted to put a couple of colored pages in the book, she told me that it would make the book cost twice as much because even if I have one page of color, the printer would charge me like every page was color instead of just two. I would have to charge TWICE AS MUCH FOR THE BOOK. What the what?

So, this page is the next best thing. Believe me, I would have rather put it in the book but I wanted to keep the cost down for you!! Plus it led me to the idea of doing a QR code in each chapter, which is super cool! All things are gifts. You just have to know how to look at them.



Documents and charts from the chapter that you can reference back to and use
Color Spectrum