Set Your Intention = Get Phenomenal Results

Hey! This is Chapter 4, Set Your Intention = Get Phenomenal Results. While this chapter is about setting intentions as groundwork for the techniques you are going to learn later in the book, it contains so much more!

This is my FAVORITE chapter in the book because we really get into the nuts and bolts of how emotions are related to each other and how this affects you in your everyday life. We dive into looking at your energy system and how the traumatic and verbal inhibitory imprints that reside there can limit you in your life, keeping you from what you most desire. We talk about the subconscious mind and how setting intentions actually help to pull all that stuff you want to release to the surface, so it is easier to access.

Ok, I’ve said enough! Excited for you to get all the good stuff out of Chapter 4! I’ll see you in Chapter 5.

Documents and charts from the chapter that you can reference back to and use
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