Sessions typically last about an hour. Whether they are in person or remotely (by phone), all sessions start with just getting to know you and where you are at right now in your life. We talk about what you want to change; your goals and hurdles as well as anything else you would like. By having this easy, conversational flow, it keeps the energy moving, allowing for more information to come through for you. You could say the first part of the session is one part conversation, one part 'psychic reading'. Although I don't relish in the term 'psychic reading', that is basically what it is, but rather than just answers to your questions, the information often provides a fresh perspective to things that may be challenging you and a road map for next steps that would benefit you the most. Sometimes loved ones that have crossed over come into sessions to provide encouragement as well as spirit guides and angels. This is when Akashic records, past lives and other information is accessed as well. Sometimes this information comes freely, but you can always ask if there is something specific you would like to know.

Many opt for the second part of the session, which is the deeper, energy work. If you are in person, I generally do this as you are lying on a massage table. If you are remote, and you can lie down, it is best. Either way, energy knows no bounds and the methods are equally effective.

This part of the session is performed by accessing your human energy system and allowing the energy to flow in from Source for healing. A great deal of reading can go on here as well and I generally wait until after this part of the session is over to relay any information. This allows you to relax. Some clients feel they process the energy better if they know what is happening in real time, which is fine too and I don't mind doing this if it is your preference.

As I have stated on previous pages, I do not follow a set modality. I have found that this allows for a more open, natural and effective flow of energy healing. I do have a list of things that are generally addressed. If you would like a list, I am happy to share it with you.

After a session

It is important to note that when you have an energy session, it can effect you at the very least, for the rest of the day and sometimes several days afterwards. These effects can vary, but some of them are up and down emotional states, crying, anger, sadness, feeling 'out of it' and having strange dreams. Some have even reported more physical symptoms like a cold or nausea, but those are few and far between. Some clients experience nothing at all. Most all clients report a sense of well being and some display an incredible life shift or shifts with relationships, self worth, career and health among other things.

So, take care of yourself. Be mindful that your energy is changing and detoxifying. Drink lots of water for at least a couple of days after the session and get extra rest if you can. This will help the process of release of old energy and integration of the new. Salt baths can also be helpful. If you would like a recipe, I can provide one for you.

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