Wires crossed - when soul memory and life memory get confused

A week or so ago I got the joy of having my stepdaughter and her friends over to our house. They are all spunky college students not afraid to speak their minds with a juicy depth to want to understand more about the world seen and unseen. I have been doing readings for them since they were 14 and those readings have grown from questions like, "does this boy like me? or Is so and so going to make the cheerleading team?" to "Why is it that I have the connection I do with my boyfriend? It's weird... is it a soul thing?" Seeing them start to understand the deeper questions about things, like relationships fills me up. And really, who hasn't wondered about their relationship with their significant other? So when I got asked this question over dinner and wine, it was fun to share what I had learned and channel a bit about all that good stuff.

Most people in our lives, I would venture to say, nearly all, we have been with in other lifetimes. I'm not going to get into explaining past lives here, but I am guessing most of you are familiar with the concept. Basically, our souls are eternal beings that have had multiple human expressions. We have been male and female with all skin colors, had different personality traits, lived in multiple countries and experienced all sorts of triumphs, heartaches and relationships. Why? Because the soul wants to experience everything.

So when it comes to relationships, we often repeat them with people that we have had relationships with previously. It's pretty much inescapable. The problem is, even though we are eternal souls, it doesn't mean that every expression of the soul is the same person. This is where it gets confusing...

Imagine that in a past lifetime, you and the guy or girl you are dating right now was your soulmate. They were the perfect person for you. Maybe it was love at first sight, you got married, had a family and lived happily ever after, being on the same page about almost everything for your entire life and barley arguing... fast-forward to everyone's favorite year 2020.

You meet the same soul again in this lifetime. Sparks fly; it's like no feeling you have ever experienced before. The connection is so strong, it's magic. The only problem is, that soul is not the same person. They don't have the same personality. Maybe this time they have commitment issues, have trouble with money and seem to carry all of the red flags with them that you have always said you would never tolerate. In short, they drive you crazy, in all the right ways and all the wrong ones too.

Why do I have this feeling if they are not the one, you ask?? Because this is another lifetime. Our soul memory and our current life memory have their wires crossed. Your soul is remembering how good it was. Your energy recognizes it for what it use to be. But the reality is, in this lifetime, they may not be "the one" for you. That's not to say you can't gain something from the experience of being with that person, but it is helpful to understand that an undeniable magnetic attraction may be driven by a residual memory and energy rather than a true match.

So if you are scratching your head about your relationship, check-in with yourself. Don't spend time with someone that causes you to compromise who you are and your values just because you can't take your eyes off of each other. What you need is someone who makes you want to be the best version of yourself you could possibly be. And when you find that, you will have found your true, this lifetime, soulmate.

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