Why watching scary movies might be a bad idea

It's fall, sort of. Here in Austin we had a taste of it last week and everyone is busting out their boots. Fall brings a reprieve from the heat and Pumpkin Lattes, plus another little treat, Halloween. And Halloween brings scary movies. Now, don't get me wrong. I have nothing against Halloween as a concept or the movies associated with them. I think they can be fun and some people really enjoy a good scary movie. But I got my first panicked client of the season a couple of days ago, which sparked the inspiration for this post.

Her text read, "Hi Amanda, I just wanted to get your thoughts on some things that happened in my apartment last night. Some really strange things have been happening and I was wondering if you knew what was causing this and if I need to do anything about it."

Come to find out that she and her boyfriend watched a scary movie a couple a weeks ago and ever since then, she has been having strange things going on; doors slamming, smoke detectors going off and feeling like she was being touched by something that wasn't there. That's enough to freak anyone out!

I have dealt with things like this many times and the situation can be fixed pretty quickly, however, it's a good idea to have an awareness of why it occurs in the first place.

Everything is energy, including movies. When we have certain energy around us, say, from watching a scary movie, it invites energy that is similar into our space. Our home and we become a sort of "the door is open" sign for them to come in and wreak havoc. Now, this does not always happen. This usually occurs when the movie is vibrationally in alignment with these energies, as in, the movie is really close to how things on the other side actually function.

I'll give you an example: I use to watch two television show that had these elements in them; The Ghost Whisperer and Supernatural. When I would watch Ghost Whisperer, I would get visits from other beings. Most of them would just pass through, but some would stick around and cause problems. When I watched Supernatural, I never had this happen and it was pretty far removed from how all of the Supernatural stuff actually worked. Ghost Whisperer on the other hand was often very close to how the other side operates. This vibrational similarity created the alignment for spirits to come into my home.

Scary movies operate in the same way and these days, there are some very malevolent story lines in them. This can open doorways for some pretty nasty things to pay you a visit. It's no different than using a ouija board. Actually, its worse since it is a specific invitation to dark energies.

If you have a tendency to by empathic or have some other sixth sense abilities (or someone in your home does) it increases the likelihood of this occurring. You are already tapped in on some level which makes it easier for a door to form and open.

So, how do you know if this has happened? There are a few general indicators. These entities have different abilities and strengths and that is why signs of them vary. The most common signs of them are scary or disturbing dreams. The easiest way for them to access us is through the subconscious space. The second is increased mood swings or unusual low vibrational moods. Increases in depression, anger and anxiety are common. You might just have an eerie feeling somewhere in your home or feel like you are being watched. The third is more rare and that is them interacting with physical things. These entities have the most energy and therefore have the ability to interact with our physical reality. They are not necessarily more malevolent than other energies, they just have access to more energy to expend.

If any of this sounds familiar, don't freak out just yet. Most of these things go away on their own. For the small percentage that don't, there are a few things you can do to help them want to leave.

Ask Arch Angel Micheal to come and remove them. He is in charge of protection. Next, ask him to fill your house with love in light. This process normally works pretty well if they are just floating around.

Smudging with cedar or sage is another thing you can try. Be sure you get the corners of rooms too and ceilings if possible. Open doors and windows while you smudge to invite them to leave. This also keeps your smoke detectors from going off. When you are doing this, ask them nicely to be on their way. Most of these don't mean any harm, they are just lost, kind of like a lost dog.

Some of them can decide you or your home is where they want to be and this can make them trickier to get rid of. If you try these other two techniques and the activity doesn't end after about a month, you might want to seek someone to clear your house out. You or your family members may need energy work as well to get rid of it completely depending on how it is attached to you and your space. This may sound scary and it can definitely be disturbing but it can be resolved easily for someone who is experienced in handling these situations.

I can provide you with a consultation if you feel like you have this going on in your home to let you know what we need to do. Then it generally takes an hour to get the process completed. I do this all remotely, so it doesn't matter where you live. There is no sense in living with things like this long term, especially when they can be dealt with so easily.

So enjoy your movies... just be aware they might give you a little more of a thrill than you bargained for.

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