Why the Llama is my spirit animal this year


It's been a while. I have been busy traveling and working away. Basically since December 15th, life has been a whirl wind. Getting things for Christmas (we started really late this year) and traveling to California for about 10 days (I'm still here and ready to go home). Texas got it's one snow day this year in Austin today and I missed it. Huge bummer, but maybe if I'm lucky we will have another one. That how it goes I suppose. Instead of making snowmen I am ordering take out from my hotel room since nothing is open in LA and living vicariously through all of you on Instagram and Facebook that are posting snow pics and vids.

I know that a lot of people had a tough year in 2020. It taught everyone a lot about each other and about themselves. However you got through it, applaud yourselves. It was not easy no matter what was going on in your life. Personally, I was lucky. It was my best year yet and I am super grateful for that. I'm in the home stretch of my first draft of my book set to come out this year. I'm building a team and am going to be rolling out all sorts of goodies for you guys. I'm suuuuupppper excited!

So circling back, I want to talk a little bit about this year. Now more than every people are putting a lot of intention about what this year will bring for them. Last year I made a vision board and this year, I have been gone so I haven't officially made it yet (more on that later). It was a huge win to make one last year and it was the first year I had ever done one. When I get back to Texas, I am going to dissect it for you and tell you what came to fruition, what didn't and why I am changing my game plan for the year. For starters, I am adding a spirit animal.

If you have been reading the blog for very long, you know that I get a lot of messages through animals and for about the past year, llamas have really been speaking to me. While I was out shopping for Christmas this year, I popped into a store my guides told me to go into and there on the wall was this amazingly regal llama. It was love at first sight. I started at him for a long time. He made me tear up looking at him. There was something he was saying that hit deep. It was important and I needed to take notice. I went back to the store three times (once with Matt) just to look at him and be in his presence. On my last visit I glanced at the price tag and nearly feel over. Apparently, the store thought he was pretty spectacular too. Worth every penny though, for the right person, I thought.

Christmas rolled on; shopping, excitement, decorating and oh, I forgot wrapping. Seriously, I had been so busy I had not gotten around to wrapping about 15 things. My step daughters had arrived at the house on Christmas Eve when I realized it and went to my room to furiously finish the deed which took me about an hour. I stacked the presents in my arms and hauled them out to the tree. That's when I noticed Matt, Paige and Brendan sitting in dining room covered in streaks of white dust. And behind them on the wall was the picture of the llama. They had feverishly hung it up while I was wrapping. Needless to say I lost it crying.

For the past 7 years, things have been really rough. In fact, it had been so much so that Matt and I hadn't bought each other a Christmas present since 2013. Someday I'll share the crazy stories with you, but needless to say, I could write a book about it. That llama signified so much. Hard times are over. The next chapter has begun. And I get to share this new year with my spirit animal cheering me on EVERY. DAY. Here's to great things in 2021!

Llama symbolism

Llamas remind us that our dreams are realized through perseverance and hard work. Anything we are being given we can handle and the most significant focus should be yourself. If you focus on your own growth, everything else will fall into line. The tendency to carry the world on your shoulders is a blind spot, so be mindful of this and delegate. Don't let your vision lead to inflexibility and stubbornness. Remember that you are sensitive to the environment, so take care of who you let into your energy, your business and the quality of the environment around you.

I will definitely be drawing on the llama energy this year as the ball gets rolling!!

What is YOUR spirit animal for 2021?

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