Why did my spirit guides tell me to do that??

This Mercury retrograde has been a doozy for me; endless headaches, a death in the family (more on that in another post) and whack after whack of the past coming forward to be released. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful, always. But sometimes geez, a girl needs a break, ya know?

One of the things that has been happening lately is, whoever is steering my ship feels like it keeps going the wrong direction. What my guides are telling me to do and what feels right have been in some cases, two separate things. The most recent finally got my attention so that I understood why.

I found this podcast page on Facebook that I thought would be a good fit for what I do, and I was guided to contact them. They agreed to talk with me and I arranged to meet with one of the hosts in person since we are in the same city. After three weeks of missed communications back and forth, I finally got a call set up. They let me know it was going to be a 'quick call' because they were busy. The whole thing felt unsettling, but I had committed to a call and I felt like I should at least see it through.

The call was fine and lasted about 10 minutes. Nothing about the call on the surface was anything to raise an eyebrow about, but the more I sat with it, the more I knew that the podcast wasn't a fit for me. It raised a slew of emotions from my childhood (out of nowhere...thanks, Mercury) around being seen, valued and heard for who I truly was. Like I said, there was nothing wrong with these people and I wish them the best, but my deep knowingness of what is truly right for me on my path was coming to light. And that is why I was led that way; to have the discernment that not every opportunity that is presented should be taken.

The old me would have explained away my feelings and regretted the decision to do the show later, but where I am now is different. The value I have on myself is different.

When we are divinely guided to do something, it doesn't always mean we should follow through. We tend to take guidance as an absolute to be followed, but it is always to be questioned, to some degree, to make sure it truly resonates. Sometimes we are shown and guided to things to help us understand who we are, where we are, and how much we have healed.

Discernment is just as important on your soul path as anything else. If something doesn't feel deeply right that you are guided to do, sit with it for a while. And you will find sometimes the divinely desired result is nothing at all.

When in doubt of what you are being guided to do, try this:

Ask yourself a few questions and react accordingly-

-Does this feel like it is in alignment with my path? (Keep in mind that no path is linear, doing things out of order is 'normal' on the path sometimes) If yes, definitely do it!!

When you feel deep down, what is there?

-Is it unsettled, if so why? (Explore below questions to get a clearer grip on the emotion)

-Is it fear? What is the fear from? Being push out of your comfort zone, or something else? (If you are being asked to do something that you feel is beyond you, you should probably do it. Your guides know what you are capable of more than you do!)

-Is it expansiveness or excitement? Definitely dive in!!

-Is it nervousness, self doubt? Are you 'whatiffing' yourself to death?? Yeah, do it.

-Does it make you feel violated in some way, demeaned, or less than? Don't do it (either way here, you will grow from it)

Remember that there is no right or wrong and everything is just experience. So no matter what you choose, you will learn and grow.

Have you ever been guided to do something strange? What was it??

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