Who's the boss? Past life energy connections can cause confusion

I had a client recently who was at her wits end with her daughter. Now some kids just don't mind, but this mother had a slightly different issue. Her daughter was constantly telling her what to do. She would question what her mother wore, how late she stayed up, what she ate and how she spent her free time. It was driving the mother crazy, especially because her daughter really didn't do that with anyone else. I had my suspicions of why this was, but once we got into her session, my suspicions were confirmed.

Her daughter was acting on her soul memory rather than her current family reality. During a past life, my client's mother had been her daughter's daughter. In other words, their roles were flipped and the woman's daughter was very good at her old role. Too good. Her soul remembered being in charge and continued to act on it.

This dynamic is more common than you might think and can occur with all sorts of people. Have you ever met someone who you felt like you had known forever? This is active soul memory playing itself out. Usually it is harmless, but with the mother's dynamic, it was a problem. While it is impossible to make the soul forget what it has experienced, the actions that are taken from the memories can be changed.

A big key factor in shifting this dynamic lies in the connections between people. When old soul dynamics exist, sometimes the old types of connections that were present during another lifetime exist too. In the mother-daughter scenario, the roles were reversed, therefore, the energy flowing along the old connections was reversed too. In order to shift the dynamic, we did energy work on the connections themselves; removing some, transmuting energy in others (causing them to change over time) and adding new healthy connections that support the mother dynamic in this lifetime.

I checked back in a few days later and things had shifted. Her daughter had assumed a more appropriate role in the family. The energetic connections that were present and charged with old energy were disappearing and the daughter and mother both were less stressed and happier.

If you have a dynamic like this with someone in your life, there are simple ways you can start to shift the energy. You can simply set the intention for the energy to shift. Ask your guides and angels to come in and work on the energy between the two of you. If any feeling, thoughts or visions come up, ask to let them go.

Next take a salt bath with 2 cups epsom salt and 2 cups baking soda. This helps to pull out stagnant energy that may be left over.

If the unsavory dynamic exists, an energy work session may be needed to clear the connections in order to make room for healthier ones.

Do you have a dynamic like this in your life that is driving you crazy? If you do and are interested, I offer a 15 minute free consultation to see how a session may be able to help you.

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