When the Universe has other plans

My son opened the door to my office with a smile on his face I couldn't quite read. I looked up from writing. "Did you get it?" He bit his lip and shook his head "no".

"I'm so sorry, buddy."

I knew this was coming. My guides told me it was, but part of me was hoping they were wrong. He had prepared and over-prepared for this school-wide election, running for Student body president. He had been talking about it for over a year, and now it was over. Gone.

It was a mix of devastation and relief in his eyes. The next couple of days were rough. He started to question everything in his life, "what is the point of anything? It's like what I said I would do and what I have been working for... none of it matters."

This break from his academic life due to the quarantine had shed new light on things and it wasn't easy. The illusion he had been living in was shattered. He had pushed himself to the point of burnout; socially and academically. Everything that other people said was important, he was starting to question. "I want to just email my teachers and be like, due to the realization that my soul has shifted direction, I will be unable to complete the rest of this year's schoolwork. Thanks. Please supply me with a passing grade." I laughed. But I get it.

The Universe is making a lot of people question their realities right now. It's tough. It's not easy to look at and go, why? What's the point? Why am I doing all of this??

I have been in that place. It can be one of the most lonely and confusing places there are. When we are made to stop and question everything our entire identities can feel threatened, setting off alarm bells in our head. It can feel like the music just stopped in a game of musical chairs and you don't have a chair to sit in. Not only that but someone took the record player and all of the other chairs. You're stunned. Defeated. How will life ever feel good again?

But it will. The Universe just has other plans. You were so entrenched on the track you were on that it took something dramatic to whack you to make you realize, hey maybe I should be doing something else. And that something else will come.

Times like these are a time of possibilities. When the slate is wiped clean and anything is possible. It's a chance to look at everything in a new light. Question everything. Do I even like what I was doing? Why was I doing it? The void that you feel in those spaces is the feeling of everything falling away to make room for something new. But how do you find the new? What matters when it feels like nothing does?

This is when it's important to pay attention to your passions; to what brings you joy. Those are the breadcrumbs that bring us back to center and lead us to the new thing. The next thing. Following the things that we enjoy is what matters. Your joy can be anything...like the guy who has a Youtube channel with 305,000 subscribers about mowing your lawn. Yes, no joke.

It's doesn't matter what you enjoy or what your passion is. It can help you through the darkness and into the light again.

So, if you are in one of these places right now take heart. You are not a failure. You are simply the lucky recipient of a fresh start from the Universe. And not everyone gets that.

Exercises to help you through this time:

First of all, give yourself a break. Take some time to just process your emotions. Letting go of old things is a grieving process.

Lying on your back with your eyes closed, place your hands over your belly and belly breathe slowly, in and out 10 times. You can envision breathing in white light and breathing out the congested energy.

Get outside in the sun. This can help to clear your energy and vitamin D is great for the immune system.

Walk in the dirt or the grass barefoot. This is grounding and imparts the body with negative ions from the earth. Negative ions are important for the function of the thyroid, which indirectly plays a part in the stress response.

Drink plenty of water and stretch, at the very least, for exercise. It will move the energy through faster and is good for circulation.

Take time to peruse the internet for things you might be interested in if you don't have a particular passion. What is something you have always wanted to try? or What is something you use to do that you had forgotten about that you enjoyed? Remember, it doesn't matter if you are good at it. What matters is, does it bring you joy?

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