What's changed for you?

We are kind of in an unprecedented time right now. A lot of people have had their lives turned upside down from this virus. It's ironic that something so small could cause the world to hit the pause button, but here we are. Millions of lives have been put on hold, maybe even yours.

The silver lining is, that this provides us a unique opportunity to evaluate some things. The more that your life is affected, the more you have to look at; our routines day in and day out; our jobs; our families; our diet and exercise. Everything is available right now for a second look. It's hard to see anything but the norm when we do it all the time. It's rote memory; something that we could do in our sleep. But when we get to see the other side of the coin; what then? What would you change?

Sit down and make a list of your usual routine before the world took a break. Then make a list of what it looks like now. How are they different? What do you like about your new routine versus your old one? What feelings does each routine elicit?

Next think about what it has taught you about who you are. Do you enjoy working at home, or are you going crazy? Do you thrive in a high pressure environment or are you sleeping better than ever being out of the pressure cooker of the rat race? Have you found yourself thinking about other professions or passions that fell by the wayside? Maybe those are worth a second look.

Right now, the Universe has a unique opportunity to reach you. It can remind you of things that you were put here to do. The whisper of your soul can be heard in this space. The question is, are you listening?

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