The road ahead

As we venture into this new year, we have a mindset of starting anew. The path ahead seems to have endless possibilities. For myself, this year feels different. It feels like I am really going to get some traction on the direction I have been trying to go for a very long time. My guides have been insisting for years that I would write all kind of books (I have about 6 half written) and do all sorts of videos and talks all over the world (I have 20 videos just sitting there waiting to be edited). But honestly, life has been whacking me over and over again and I just couldn't seem to get my footing. I was frustrated that the Universe kept thinking I needed to go through more lessons before what they were telling me was going to happen. I'll admit, I had days where I threw tantrums better than any two year old out there. I stacked up these lessons and worked through them one after the other, year after year. But this year feels different, better than any other and I am super hopeful. There is a ball of energy that seems just out of reach that holds all the answers. I can't touch it yet, but I know it's there. It's been teasing me with what's coming and I was starting to obsess over it before I went on a road trip.

I traveled from Austin to Abilene by myself. Then I picked up my mother and we drove to my Uncle's birthday party in Archer City. I was really looking forward to the part of the drive I had alone; for my mind to wander and let go. But as I started the trip, an unexpected thing happened. I hit fog. Now, those of you not from Texas, fog isn't a thing here. It next to never happens. If there is fog, its patchy and burns off within a couple of hours. Since I'm not use to driving in it, I started to get a little anxious. I found myself obsessing about being able to see further ahead than I could. 'If I could only see a few more feet ahead, I could relax. Does the road turn up here? I'm not sure.'

After a while, I realized why it was happening. It was a message. "You are being supported. You can see far enough to take the next step, but not so far ahead that you don't make decisions from what you can see. Have faith that the road keeps going where it needs to go and you have everything that you need. You have enough."

After I realized this I started to relax a bit. I had fog 70 percent of the way to Abilene, which is 3 1/2 hours from Austin. That is a lot of fog. But I started to trust the process and the beauty of not knowing. Whatever this year is going to bring, I know I am ready to take the next step, fog or no fog, I am moving forward in faith that I am ultimately supported by the Universe.

What do you feel or aspire to for the new year ahead? I wish you all the best!

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