The curvy road of perseverance

I have been working on this blog since the beginning of last November. I am proud to say that the commitment I made to post every week is one I have managed to keep. Some weeks it has not been easy to do and sometimes I manage to sit down and pound out a few at once to get ahead.

This week, I found myself writing this blog post the day before it was due. Sunday night, racking my brain for something to write about. Pretty unlike the new me that sees things through. But my creative juices have been in use other places and the blog got put on the back burner. All of my energy has been going into my writing project that I will tell you more about soon. Cranking out 2,000 or so words a day is kind of exhausting to my brain. Today I have written about 3,000 before I sat down to write this, so the quality of this post is probably not my highest. I'm working to meeting a self imposed deadline to get that project done this week and I am proud to say I am on track.

There have been days and even weeks though when I was feeling like I might abandon my project and this blog. I would ask myself, why am I doing this? Does it even matter??

And then I would get a nudge from the Universe through a text from a client or a dream that said, keep going. This matters. It matters to you even though you don't want to care right now. Sigh. I know it's true, but sometimes I want to throw in the towel.

My point being that perseverance isn't a straight line. It's got obstacles, distractions, stops and starts. The important thing is to keep going. Keep coming back to your why. Why am I doing this? Why does it matter? Refocusing on your why is what grounds and re-centers you into further action. It re aligns you with your goals so that you can step back in and pick up where you left off.

And if you fall off for a while, that's fine. Give yourself some grace and follow the flow. Breaks are fine. Sometimes you have to have more of one than you thought. It just gives you more time to regroup and start anew. When the energy is there for you to start back up, you can bust out of the gate with your newfound perspective.

So if you have found yourself falling out of your routines the last few weeks, take a step back and ask why. Maybe your whys have changed along with so many other things and you need to re evaluate that routine. Is it still worth doing? If you could start from scratch, would it look the same? If it's worth starting back up, do it. Persevere when you are ready. If you need more of a break, give yourself some grace.

Change is in the stars right now. It's making us look at the tough stuff and ask some tough questions of ourselves. And maybe your tough question lies in your why. Maybe that's changed. Priorities and values shift over time and some of us have had a hard reset. That's ok. It's ok to take a break and it's ok to shift direction.

Regardless of what your why is, staying true to yourself is the ultimate perseverance. The paths you take should always contain that element. If they do, you will always be in alignment with your soul and the best of what the Universe has in store for you. The cool thing is, the only person that knows what that looks like is you, so hey, you really can't mess this up. Go with what calls you, even if it doesn't make sense. It just might be the best thing you ever do.

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