Being unapologetically you

YAY!!! I'm finally writing a blog!!!

This has been a long time coming. Like, years and years. I feel like I am finally to a point in my life where I can make things happen. I mean REALLY happen. I have had so many stops and starts, I lost count. So, why now? What has brought this to fruition, finally?? So many things have led me to this place and I am grateful for all of them; countless clients, encouraging friends and family, lots of inspirational quotes, podcasts and the final piece, the podcast I watched last night. It was Lewis Howes podcast and he had Amanda Cerny on. I had no idea who she was, even thought she has millions of followers on social media. As my son would say, "do you live in a hole??" yeah, maybe. But that aside, I was super impressed with the amount of things this woman does. Pretty much of super hero proportions. For the first time, hearing that, I wasn't beating myself up that I hadn't done anything consistent yet (as far as content, Social, etc), I was just inspired by her tenacity and ability to get it done. And then she said something that hit. "Be unapologetically you" Hmmm. I had heard that before, but I was in a place where it REALLY landed. I started thinking about everything I had tried to create before and how I always stopped in my tracks, worrying about how this person or that person would take it. I never just let ME flow OUT. So much energy was spent on the right way to write something or present something that I lost who I was. My unique take on the message I had to share was lost too. It left me frustrated and unproductive. So this morning, I built this site. My goal was to just get something up and to be UNAPOLOGETICALLY myself while doing it. And you know what? I LOVE IT. It feels right. It feels true and it feels POWERFUL. This summer, I paid someone, a good friend with amazing skills to build me a website. I literally could not get it together. All he needed was content but everything that my little fingers typed felt contrived. After working on it for weeks, I walked away from it. It wasn't the time and I had to honor that in myself.

But today? Today is a different story. Today I am clear on what I need to do and how I need to do it. Will I be straightforward and candid about what I know and how I can help people? Yep! Will I cuss sometimes in my posts? I might if the mood strikes me. Sorry not sorry. Will I relay some amazing content that has been in my brain FOREVER that I didn't have the courage to put out because it was different from everyone else's? You bet your britches, I will. That's why it is helpful and why it is powerful too. And will I circle back around and revamp my website with my friend who I already paid? Guaranteed. But right now, I am creating a way to express all the amazing gifts I have been given to share with the world and I AM DOING IT!! So, thanks, Amanda Cerny in your infinite wisdom from a woman that is rocking the world.

What about you?? Are you feeling paralyzed, unable to be or share your authentic self? Breaking through your fear may be as simple as getting some old energy out of the way to make room for new stuff. Energy work is a miracle for things like that. Stop by the contact me page and drop me a line to see if an energy session is right for you. The world deserves what you have to offer.

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