Make peace with leaving things behind

I had a client recently who was really struggling with her success. She had been growing her business by leaps and bounds, expanding her network and shifting her mindset. She had worked hard to overcome her past traumas and other limitations. I was so proud of her. But lately, something had been coming up that had been causing her a lot of heartaches. She found herself not wanting to hang out with friends she has had forever. She felt guilt and shame for not wanting to be in their company but every time she was around them, she would leave feeling drained. They would lament about their relationships, their jobs, and other life struggles but never took any action to get out of where they were. When she offered advice to help them, they would snap at her saying, she didn't know what they were going through and didn't understand. Yet, months before she was lamenting right alongside them, stuck in a rut. The difference was that now, she had moved past this place. But they were still there.

In contrast, she had made friends with an amazing group of women while she was building her business. She was learning and growing from being in their company. She felt uplifted and inspired every time she left a get-together or got off a Zoom call with them. She felt that this new group of women was causing her to get further and further from her old friends and she was very conflicted. What should she do?

This is a tough spot, no doubt and there is no easy answer. As humans, we seek the familiar. Our brains gravitate towards things we know, but when we start to change, to get closer to who we truly are and pursue our life goals and passions, sometimes it can take us away from the people, places and things that we have always resonated with. On an energetic level, as we clear out old energy blocks, traumas and beliefs that have been holding us back, our vibrations increase. We vibrate at a higher frequency and we become attracted to other people that hold that same frequency. This is why it becomes harder to resonate with those around us that aren't in the same frame of mind or energetic frequency.

If we want to keep excelling, growing and changing to be more of who we truly are, sometimes things have to change. This may include limiting interaction with some of the people that we care about. Keeping it to a minimum can help us to stay more on track with our Soul path and life journey as we explore and get more centered in ourselves. And who knows, some of those people you have always known may come around and change too. Watching you just might be the inspiration they need. And wouldn't that be cool to be the light for someone else?

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