Is that you, Grandma?

Recently, we have had a couple of deaths in the family. My husband's mother in December and his grandmother in March; one to cancer and one to the fact that she was 106, and just ready to move on. These were two very different types of exits from the world, but they had the same result. There is at the very least a void and at most massive heartache and despair. Regardless, they are never easy. It can't help but bring up questions about our own mortality as well as questions like, what happens after we die??

For the past 15 years or so, I have worked with many clients who have questions about loved ones that have crossed over. More often than not, these people come through in sessions to communicate with those that are still here. This type of interaction is extremely healing and provides closure. But, what about the rest of the time? How do we know if our loved ones are near us, giving us support and love?

First off, they are and this does happen all the time. Those that have passed want the best for us and being on the other side is sometimes a way for them to be there in ways they could never be if they had stayed. How they are there for us can take many forms and are often very individual.

One way to know they are there is that we feel them. If you have ever thought you felt someone giving you support from the other side, it most likely wasn't your imagination. I hear people relay feelings like this when they are going through a hard time or something really wonderful has happened in their life. The loved one wants you to know that they are there for you or they are proud of you.

Other times, clients have said they saw or heard their loved one. This too is also possible and happens often. We have to be on the right frequency at the right time for this to happen, kind of like dialing a radio, but it does happen. This often occurs right after someone passes to let others know they are ok.

It seems that the most common way I have run across is that loved ones like to give signs. It could be a song, an animal, seeing someone that looks like them, or something someone says to you.

I once had a client who's mother passed unexpectedly. During the reading, her mother came through with signs that each of her children could watch for. For my client, her sign was butterflies. A few days later she was on a walk in the woods with a friend, turned the corner and the path was full of white butterflies. Another client started running across women who smelled just like her grandmother's perfume. These women also often resembled her grandmother.

Personally, I have a strange sign that my grandmother gives to me when she is present. When I was a child, she had this stopper in her bathtub that was a giant ball bearing. It had a feel and weight to it that I loved. Whenever she comes to visit me, mostly at night, I will feel the weight of it in my hands. I then know to ask what the message she has for me is.

The cool thing about signs is, they are individual to you and often have some meaning about something you and your loved one shared. This makes them extra special and truly lets you know they are still there.

If you have someone that has crossed over and you want them to communicate with you, here are some ways you can open up the line of communication.

-Simply ask your loved one. Sometimes, merely requesting they communicate with you is a way to open the door.

-Light a candle and ask for the channel of energy that they reside on to be synced with you so that you can receive messages. "Angels, please open up the channel of communication of the highest love and light with my loved one (insert name if you wish). Help me to receive and understand the messages that are being sent to me. Thank you"

-Dreams are one way that they can easily communicate with you since your subconscious is at the forefront when you are sleeping. Asking for communication before you go to sleep can help spur a message.

-Start paying attention to things that are happening around you. If something that happens makes you think of a loved one (something you see, hear, smell, taste or feel) this is most likely a sign that they are communicating with you. Also, take note of what you were thinking about or doing when you received the sign. Most of the time, these go hand in hand, offering support, confirmation or sometimes, just a good laugh.

Have you had signs from a loved one? I want to hear about it!

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