I don’t wanna grow up

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Braces are one of those rites of passage that a lot of kids deal with. Some kids have to wear them longer than expected. My son is no exception. Even though he is 16 his 12-year molars have yet to completely come in. The orthodontist originally told him it would take 12 months and we are going on two years. The only thing stopping the braces from coming off was the fact that his 12-year molars weren’t budging. On the last visit, the orthodontist told him that they may have to extract the tissue over the top of the molar because it was growing over it faster than the tooth could come through “They told me I was a late erruptor,” my son said. “I mean, I couldn’t think of a better name for myself.” He has my sarcasm.

I told him he should check in with his tooth to see what the problem was. Ask it. Why wasn’t it coming in? I got a blank stare, so I decided to check on it myself. As soon as I tapped in I heard, “I don’t wanna grow up.” Ah, that makes sense.

My son is ambitious. Very ambitious. He enjoys talking about his class rank goals, what colleges he will attend, and how he is going to excel at politics. He also happens to be the youngest and really close to mom. While he had set all of these goals, which is admirable, he also put a tremendous amount of pressure on himself.

I told him that his tooth was afraid to come in because that meant he was one step closer to growing up; that he had set all these goals and he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to accomplish them, so he was trying to prevent himself from growing up to have to face the reality of meeting them.

“That feels true.” he paused, “Actually, yeah. I never thought about it, but that is how I feel.”

I told him that if he wanted to speed up getting his braces off, he needed to clear out the fears of meeting the goals. This would increase the likelihood of achieving them. It would also take the fear out of his body which would make him feel more relaxed in general.

Our bodies are reactive organisms. They respond to the energetic, mental and emotional functions of our being. His tooth was mirroring his fears of growing up and that was preventing it from coming in. By keeping the braces on, it kept the ‘right of passage’ from completing itself. We have the ability to dialog with every part of our being, from cells and DNA to organs and even teeth. Every physical issue we have begins on an energetic level. The more in tune with our energetic, emotional and mental states we are, the better we can understand our physical well being.

Are resisting something in your life that needs to happen? How is it affecting you physically, emotionally and energetically? Leave a comment below or drop me a line on the contact page. Let’s talk.

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