How to be an intuitive and not drive yourself crazy

So, if you guys have been following me for any time at all, you know that I am an intuitive. I live life in the flow. Which may sound cheesy, flaky, ideal or maybe you really haven't given it much thought. Whatever camp you are in, let me just tell you that I drive myself crazy with it. I crave structure. I dream about it. I have had every kind of planner imaginable and I make lists of lists. I can confidently tell you that nothing works for me like it does for everyone else.

I don't know why I do this to myself but when I am in a networking group and am asked what my greatest challenge is, I always say, I have issues with time management and organization. The poor, well meaning people tell me to time block, get a calendar, get a timer. Do the same things in a routine every morning. Someone even said to me once, "you know, Amanda, these are the same things you always say." No joke, really??

I mean, I can keep a calendar in my phone of when I have client session or a chiropractor appointment but past that I rely on my guides to make my schedule for me. They tell me when to talk to a particular client, when to schedule a doctor's appointment and even when to go on vacation "don't go that week, there will be a hurricane." And they are always right.

So then, what's the big deal? The deal is that when it comes to working on a work project, or anything else that requires day in and day out focus, I'm toast. I tell myself that I am going to work on something a certain time of day, but when I get to that time, it's like running into a brick wall over and over again. The energy isn't there for it. It's like I'm allergic to structure or something. The thought of doing the same thing day in and day out makes my head explode. I say, I'm a creative, I'm ADD.. there are a million reasons why I put things off or try to make a schedule and never stick to it... literally the bane of my existence and really embarrassing if I'm honest.

Last week I was talking to my healer friend (yes, I have sessions too) and I told him I was wanting to add more structure into when I do sessions with clients... you know, maybe 1 or 2 days a week only. He started laughing at me. He said, "Girl, you good and well know that you will work with someone when spirit tells you to. You don't have any say about that." And he is right...

Then, what's a "creative, intuitive" to do? Two things: 1. Respect the fact that I don't function like everyone else. Own it. Know that I am going to be at the seeming whim of the Universe, my astrology, my client's astrology, tea leaves of that day, my physical condition, whatever. That is never going to change. 2. Don't focus on the fact that I don't have structure, really, and build systems instead.

A system allows me to maximize the creative wave of motivation when it strikes me versus spending time organizing everything and then getting started on something. It helps me have structure without the task being tied to the time of day, of the week, or whenever I do it.

I am starting to set up systems now and I love it. Even for small things; especially small things.

Here are some systems I have put into place that are really helping maximize my brain.

When I am writing my book, I keep a notebook close by to write down things that I need to think about for other parts of the book or other projects instead of stopping my writing and getting distracted with something else. It gets it out of my head and out of the way of my flow of writing. You could can apply this to just about anything you are working on.

I have organized my clothes in a capsule wardrobe by use and color so I can put an outfit together fast in the morning instead of digging through too many clothes. A serious time saver.

At the end of each day I write my to do list for the next day, but I don't put times next to it. Writing it down instead of typing it helps me with accountability and if I have to write the same thing down a few days in a row, because I am not getting to it, I will eventually do it. I just get tired of rewriting it.

I check in with myself each day to see what I really need to do. What is urgent, truly? For instance I have a meeting with my publisher tomorrow. Should I stay up all night finishing my book draft? I get a no, I will have plenty of time to get it all done. It helps take the worry off. I am asking for inspiration to get the freaking thing finished though. Geez.

Above all, I accept that I will take time for myself when I need it... and I need a lot of down time. My mind needs a lot of space to wander. Whether that's driving in the car, cruising social media or sitting in the back yard. It lets the energy flow and it's where inspiration comes from. Sitting down and forcing myself to do something has me staring at a blank page for an hour or worse, writing something and having to redo it later.

Lastly though, I delegate whatever I can. The day in day out just isn't my jam. And I'm ok with that.

So if you are beating yourself up for not time blocking or having some other form of rigid structure, don't. Just do what works for you. Your world or day may not look like anyone else's. That's ok. It just means you are probably an intuitive and going with the flow of the Universe.

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