How many rocks are in your back pack??

This is one of our favorite questions to ask around here. When Matt asks me this question, I must admit, I sometimes roll my eyes like a teenager. He's calling me out, but I love him for it. I have a tendency to worry about things. My logic is, that if I worry about something enough in advance, I will have every possible scenario worked out by the time the event is supposed to happen so I know what to do. I have carried some really big rocks, not to brag or anything. I should look like a body builder by now...

But most of the time, the event doesn't happen. Ever. Or the situation changes. Or life takes a completely new direction with a whole other set of circumstances. And my worrying seems to ramp up right after something big get resolved. Why? Because I took rocks out of my back pack. When a large worry in our lives gets resolved, it can make us feel strangely unstable. It leaves us feeling like there must be something else that should take that worry's place.

In our lives, we are use to a certain load. Some things are a perpetual worry, it seems, like money, a job, a spouse, a child. We load up all the worry and carry it around as if it is our identity, and our duty to bear. We think that by worrying, we are being responsible and we have this silly notion in our minds that we can control what happens in the situation in the first place. Most of the time, we can't. When we worry about something, it's like hooking a hose up to our energy and draining it all out. It effects our physical and energetic bodies and our minds. It becomes who we are. It wires our brains for negativity and makes it harder to have joy and peace.

In reality, the only thing that resolves anything is time. So, the best thing we can do is to let go. Take off the backpack and take that rock out. Because what is going to happen is going to happen. All we can do is our best. The less we worry, the better decisions we make in the moment and the healthier we are in the long term.

A couple of exercises to lighten your load:

Stand with your eyes closed, if you can, and imagine a backpack on your back. Feel the straps pulling your shoulders; the weight on your body, pressing you into the ground. In your mind, take a look in the backpack. What's in there?? Job, spouse, kids, mortgage, parents? What is written on your rocks? Look over them and choose one to let go. Take off the backpack in your mind or physically go through the act of doing it, if this helps you. Take out the rock that you've chosen and give it to God, Source, or whatever strikes you. Next, fill the space that the rock was occupying with white light. This holds the space and helps prevent your "need" to add another worry in its place. Now put the backpack back on. Feel the load again. Is it lighter? How do you feel about the rock you took out?

Repeat this exercise several times over the next month for each worry (you may have to repeat it for some rocks), rather than trying to remove too much at once. This allows a gradual, sustainable change. It lets your body gain new stability and adjust to "less weight" over time.

You can do a quicker version of this exercise once you get the hang of it by just imagining taking a rock out and giving it away. And don't forget to fill the empty space with light.

Let me know how this works for you in the comments below.

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