Go with the Flow

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Today I am trying to connect my domain to my website on the Wix platform. I don't know about you, but me and electronics typically don't get along. I am do something 5 times and it doesn't work, then someone else comes along, tries it once and it works. (FUMES OUT OF MY EARS) Usually though, anything I do on this platform is seamless. I have never had a problem, until today. To be fair, I think the problem is more on the Go Daddy side of the equation and I HAVE transferred this domain around more than the typical person bar hops, so I am not completely surprised. Oh, and when I called for help, Go Daddy's hold time was 31 minutes. Sigh.

All that said, I have a big to do list to get done today, and something that should have taken 2 minutes has eaten an hour of my time and energy. I started to get a little worked up, but then I sat back and took a deep breath... Go with the flow. There is obviously a reason that the Universe is putting this little nugget in front of me. The kicker is, I already know why. My guides told me I needed to go film videos today. They even brought me the idea for an inspirational place to do it in the middle of the night. I just have to go. So the question is why am I resisting the flow?

What keeps us from doing what is right in front of us that the energy is just right for? It could be anything, from fear and uncertainty to lack of motivation. But if we can unplug from everything else and just go with the Universal flow, the resistance in our lives is so much less. Things get done easier, with less effort and frustration. We are being funded by something larger than ourselves.

For me, in the instance of shooting these videos, it feels like a lot. But that is a story I am making up, because I am inspired from something larger than myself and it is EFFORTLESS if I get out of the way.

If you are having trouble going with the flow, here is an exercise you can try to let the love of the Universe guide your every, effortless move.

Visualize yourself in the middle of a river. Now look around you and ask yourself a few questions. How fast is the water moving. What is the feeling you have being in the river and what thoughts are going through your mind? Are you clinging to rocks and branches to stay afloat? All of these things play into the level that your subconscious mind is hanging onto things, trying to make them work. If you are hanging on in the middle of a rushing river and you have fear of letting go, feel that in your body and accept where you are right now. Love yourself for this space.

Now LET GO. Let go of the rock or branch and allow yourself to float down. Relax into the flow of the river and something will start to happen. The river will calm down. You will start to feel as if you are meandering effortlessly down it. This is going with the flow. You are letting the energy of the Universe guide you and trusting it knows what it is doing. And it does. Holding this space in your mind, now feel your body. Is it more relaxed? Is your mind at ease?

Try this the next time you are stressing about something and see how much easier it is. Whether it is something you have to get done or something that can wait, when you let the Universe fund you, amazing things start to happen. You might get unexpected help, more time on your deadline or prevent yourself from doing work twice. It could be anything. But the flow is where the magic happens. So, go with it. And let me know where you end up.

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