Energy splinters and how to remove them

This has been a tough week for everyone I can think of. For myself, I am just getting back to my office after a week long road trip with my husband. Everywhere we went was filled with highly charged emotions, including protestors in just about every small town we passed through. And while there are a plethora of thoughts that ran through my mind as a result, I have decided, after about three revisions of this blog post about everything happening I had to scrap it and start over.

Everything I wrote was so charged. It just wasn't me... the true representation of who I am as a person and how I conduct myself on a daily basis. It didn't make any sense to me why everything I wrote was so charged. I'm usually able to keep a clear head about worldly issues, putting it into a big picture perspective of understanding and letting it go, but I go stuck in this tumultuous place that I just couldn't pull myself out of. I literally couldn't sleep or think about anything else. So weird.

Today, I started on the same path again this morning, worrying about things and then just now it dawned on me. This stuff was not mine. I would think as many times that this sort of thing has happened to me that I would have clued in sooner but when you are swimming in it so thick, it's hard to see. And it's no wonder I had picked this stuff up. We literally had a cop car swerve around us and block the street so we wouldn't encounter protestors we couldn't see one block over in Santa Fe and another town of 1200 people had about 200 of them lining the streets and yelling who we drove directly past. I was in the middle of all this erratic energy and I had picked some of it up. The difference was, this wasn't your typical energy transfer; this also contained what I call energy splinters or fragments. The difference is that typical energy transference is more like walking through a cloud of smoke. It's on your clothes, in your hair and washing it off gets rid of it. It may irritate you and make you feel off but that's about it. It requires intentional releasing but in general, it doesn't take much time. Energy splinters or fragments on the other hand are super charged daggers of energy that can penetrate your field and leave quite a mark. These splinters pierce our fields causing massive disruption to our energy bodies and sending us in a spiral. They can be very painful energetically, emotionally and even physically. They are also hard to pull out sometimes, like a typical splinter would be. These occur when people are highly emotionally charged and they throw them out as a defense or expression either physically or verbally. They don't mean to do it and most people aren't doing it with ill intent, but it happens nonetheless.

Since I had been in such close proximity to all of this unrest, I had picked it up. A lot of it.

I sat on the back porch and closed my eyes to look for them in my system. I looked like a freaking porcupine!! I spent the next half hour pulling them out and I can't even tell you how much better I felt.

So if you have been around highly charged emotions lately and you don't feel like yourself, try the exercises below:

Close your eyes and envision your energy field. Can you see or feel any fragments or splinters of energy that you have picked up?

If you can't sense or see it but you feel that you have, you can use the exercise the same way.

Set the intention to release anything you are carrying that is not yours. If you have specific emotions you can call them out. Then, envision the pieces of energy coming out and leaving your energy field. Sometimes, they will not come out easily. In this case, see if you can tell what emotion they are related to and set an intention for that specific fragment. Envision a pair of energetic tweezers or pliers and remove them.

After you are feeling better, envision white or golden light coming in through your crown chakra and into your energy system to fill the holes left behind by the fragments.

This exercise should have you feeling a lot better.

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