Do you have a dream partner?

Lately I have been working. A lot. I mean, most days, it's over 10 hours. Between scheduling on all the social media platforms, writing blogs and articles, responding to comments on said social, blogs and articles, and researching how to do it all better, I am swamped. I am so exited to be working on this stuff every day and I have seemingly endless supplies of energy to do it all. But this means I haven't had much time lately for anything else, including my husband. If I said that I didn't have any guilt about that, I would be lying. I kept finding myself apologizing for the amount of time I was spending on it all. I just felt bad. If he was home, I felt like I should be giving him attention.

As I was struggling with this one day, he finally cut me off me on my fourth round of apologizing and said, "Stop. I have never seen you with so much energy. You are happier and more positive than you have even been since I met you. I want you to do this. What you have to share is so important. You are going to change the world." Happier and more positive is true. It feels good to be doing this work. Changing the world? Maybe. But what struck me the most was that to him, my dreams had value. Seeing me living my dream was something that brought him joy, because it was making me happy. I was a better person in our relationship because of what I was doing, even if it meant I was working so much and he understood that.

When the people in our lives support us in being all that we dream of, it makes all the difference in the world. They often can see us as more than we see ourselves. This gives us the support to meet and even exceed what we ever thought possible. It gives us the courage to keep going and not give up, even if things get hard.

Take a a look at the people in your life; partner, family, friends. Are they dream partners for you? Do they truly see you and your potential? Moreso, do they value you?

If the answer is yes, fantastic. If the answer is no, that is ok too. The people in our lives are a mirror for how we feel about ourselves. They are a way for us to see what kind of energy we are putting out into the Universe. If your answer is no, ask, do I truly value myself? Do I value where I want to go in life or am I living for something or someone else other than myself?

Before you go cleaning house on the people in your life, start with one thing: being a good dream partner for yourself. Write out your dreams and post them on the mirror and say them to yourself daily. Meditate on them. Repeat them often. It doesn't matter if you believe them or not. These seeds will take root and start to grow, choking out all of the negative. There simply wont be room. Say them even if you are having a bad day - ESPECIALLY if you are having a bad day. Commit to yourself that you have you, no matter what, and that your dreams matter.

As you do this a few things will start happening: you will start believing in yourself. As you start to believe in yourself, other people will either join in believing in you too, or they wont. Some will fall away out of your life as a result. And that is ok. Because life is fluid. Nothing stays the same. What you will be left with though is an amazing support system and the Universe will open the door for more amazing people to come into your life. So start working toward your dreams with the first step. Be the best partner you can for you and before you know it, other people will start showing up to be your dream partner too.

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