Mercury Retrograde (WHY IS THIS HAPPENING??)

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

You may have notice lately that things are going awry. I started noticing it last week, midweek and it got me thinking maybe we were about to have that time of year again. Then, as the week progressed, I thought, "either Mercury retrograde is here, or I am just going crazy". The above image is what made me look it up. "Pairing rejected?? TF??" I have never seen that before on my computer. Sure enough retrograde is here; (officially) October 31-November 20. Well that explains it. But what is Mercury retrograde? I'm sure you've heard it mentioned before, but here's the scoop: Mercury is the planet in astrology of travel, communication and learning. When the planet is in retrograde, it is moving along its trajectory in the opposite direction of Earth so it appears to us Earthlings as if it is moving backwards. This of course is an illusion but it has been known to wreak havoc in the areas it governs. We may have more misunderstandings with people, misschedule or miss meetings, read something wrong or have technology or travel issues. The list goes on and on. It's good to stay mindful of these things right now, being sure to double and triple check everything you are doing to prevent missteps. If you can keep from entering into agreements or contracts at this time, it's best, as these are known to often fall apart as a result of the energy they are created in. I've experienced it firsthand... ouch. Mercury retrograde is a reminder to slow down a little and take our time, reflecting on things and making sure of the direction we are going.

The bad news:

Retrograde is actually longer than they say, sort of. The time period that the planet is actually appearing to move backwards is about three weeks, but Mercury can cause issues for a much longer time period than that. I really like the calendar

From (I know this is blurry, still learning to use this thing)

As you can see from the calendar on this site, the period of influence for Mercury is longer than three weeks. It actually started October 11 and runs all the way until December 7th!! The website explains the periods of influence well, but it is basically broken down into the pre-shadow phase, retrograde phase and post-shadow phase. The swirly little guy below gives you an idea of what that means. As Mercury goes along its path, it's relation to Earth changes, shifting the energy we experience here and symptoms appear in our lives as a result.

The good news: Mercury retrograde is a chance for us to slow down and reflect on ourselves. It causes us to look at how we communicate as well as our habits in every aspect; from what we think to what we do. If we choose to use it as a time for reflection and change in ourselves rather than focusing on the negative, Mercury retrograde can actually be a time of growth. Just remember to double check your flights, be kind to others and breathe deeply. It will all be over soon.


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