Cats hate baths and other misconceptions

So, my son and I got bored in quarantine. While other people were shaving their heads and eating lots of food, we decided to do something daring. We decided to bath our cat. While this may sound like a death-defying act, I must say in our case it was pretty benign. Our cat has no claws or teeth. He can't even meow. Before you ask, what did we do to this poor cat, I'll explain. Years ago when we first got him, we had him declawed. It's not something I would do if I got another cat, but at the time with two small children and brand new leather furniture, it just seemed smart. The no teeth? That was due to repeated mouth infections that the vet chalked up to be a genetic anomaly. We had to have them all pulled a couple of years ago. His inability to meow was from the teeth surgery, somehow. We think it happened when they intubated him. All that to say, we are not animal abusers. We love this old cat, who happens to be 18 this year. But because he has no teeth and he is getting up there, we can't clean his fur like he uses to. He was getting dingy yellow and like I said, we were bored.

I decided that it would be fun to film because who doesn't like to watch complete mayhem. A cat flailing around while two people struggle to keep it in the sink is comedy gold right? So I set up my phone to film it. And we didn't get what you might expect...

If I had it to film over again, I would clean my counters first. But I thought you would enjoy the video nonetheless. This experience just goes to show you that sometimes, life does not deal you what you expect. We really are wired to brace for the worst. It's how humans have survived this long... we are wired to look out for danger. But what if something good happens instead? Wouldn't it be awesome if we expected that as the norm? Lately, it's been a time of reflection, loss, and struggle for so many, but what if we chose to look at the silver lining? What if we actually decided to surrender and enjoy the bath that the Universe is giving us? What if instead of fighting our way for sameness, we decided to just lie down and enjoy the warm water of the unfamiliar?

I challenge you to try something today. Look at something in your life that has been put in front of you that you keep thinking is a bad thing and flip it on its head. What's good about it? What can you get out of it that you may not have thought of yet? How can this be the best thing instead of the worst?

If Snowball can do it, you can too.

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