Back to the drawing board

This week has been an interesting pivot. I have started thinking about my business is a different way. I want to serve more people, so I am happy to announce that I will be starting the construction of online courses very soon! I'm really excited about it. But it can be overwhelming to start something new.

I started looking into building courses and realized that the platform I have my website and really my business built on, wouldn't support online courses very well. So, I decided to rebuild my website on a different platform. "No big deal," I thought.

That was until I downloaded the new platform and tried to actually build my website. Nothing was familiar and nothing worked like it did on my previous platform. After three hours, I was about to throw my laptop out the window. I felt angry and defeated. I'm what you might call "impatient" when it comes to wanting things to work my way. Yeah, I'm not that Buddha about it.

But I decided to ask for help from my guides overnight so I would have a fresh perspective in the morning. And I did. I woke up with the realization that I just needed to have the frame of mind that I was in school. This was a learning experience. That platform wasn't going to work like the old one, because that's not what it is. It's something entirely new and different. I needed to embrace it.

When I sat down to do the tutorial, I had an open mind. By the third lesson, everything clicked and I was able to put the first part of the site together with hardly any other help. Even though the platform was different, I was able to draw on my knowledge and previous experience from the other platform and that made it infinitely easier to use.

Do I wish it was drag and drop like the other platform? I can't even tell you how much I wish that. But the fact is, it is going to allow me to do what I need it to do, and that is build courses and have everything in the same place.

So, if you are faced with something unfamiliar and you find yourself pounding your head against the wall, just remember that all of your past life experience isn't wasted. It just gives you the fortitude to move through the next thing faster once you figure it out.

Oh, and the website... it may be a bit before it's all up and running, but I have the confidence now it is actually going to get done. I'll let you know!!

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