An Unsavory Sign of the Universe

So I debated about writing this blog post because 1 - maybe assumptions would be made about how I keep my house. 2 who wants to discuss bugs, really? But I came to the conclusion that a lot of you have been in the same boat as me and my experiences might bring you some comfort. So here goes...

I recently had an amazing opportunity come my way that I will be talking more about in the near future. I mean, freakin' amazing. The kind of opportunity that has you left reeling with excitement and uncertainty. I know, I'm being vague but bear with me.

If you're anything like me, when you are given something in life that is beyond what you ever thought possible, whether that be a job promotion, some sort of award, acceptance to your dream college or dating the person you have had your eye on forever, there's no doubt a whole host of emotions are coming with it. "I'm so excited!! My life is going to be so much better now!!

BUT... Am I good enough? What if I can't do it? What if I blow it?" The ups and downs will make you laugh, cry, and lose sleep. But never fear, the Universe is there to support you!! Right??? It will give you signs to make sure you know everything is going to be A-ok.

We have all heard about angel numbers and master numbers. I have even written blogs about things like the symbolism of breaking glass but today, it gets more fun. Roaches. OMG... seriously, I get chills typing that word. "I love roaches!" said no human ever. But that is the symbolism the Universe decided I needed to know this opportunity was indeed on my path and that yes, I could blow it out of the water.

So, right after I heard about this opportunity; the same day I think, I opened the drawer in my bathroom to see a roach sitting on my eyelash curler. A screech and a call for my husband. I asked him to kill it and returned to see it gone. Then I proceeded to disinfect every item in the drawer; all 25 of them. Now I am not a germaphobe by any stretch, but if a roach has been on my stuff, you best believe I am washing it. A few minutes later, I come back and open the drawer again to finish getting ready and there the roach is AGAIN! I yelled to my husband, "why didn't you tell me you didn't kill it??" He came into the bathroom and said "honey, I did!"

Seriously?? So, I killed this one and washed everything again. I'm starting to get a complex at this point.

A couple of weeks later, I was washing my face (after a rough day worrying about it all) inches over the sink and a roach comes up out of the front drain hole and is staring at me. I'm not ashamed to say I outright screamed this time. WTF?? Seriously, I swear I clean my house. After I calmed down, it hit me. Ooooohhhhh....

Ok, Universe... I get it. This is something you are trying to say... so I looked it up and here is what I cobbled together from a few sources.

Cockroaches teach you spirituality, inspire you to face your own fears and discover your true self.

If Cockroach had a tagline, it would be: “Where there is a will, there’s a way.” You may feel stuck and worried about just getting by, so it’s time to embrace a little Cockroach creativity.

Questions cockroach is asking are...

Where are you putting your energy?

How can you consciously contribute to persevering?

What are you doing to use your power for building the future?

Are you not seeing something you should?

Are you being too negative about a person or situation?

Do you choose fear or courage?

Do you give up or endure?

If cockroaches keep showing up in your life and giving you the creeps, it might be worth asking yourself these questions and act on them the best you can. It may keep the creepy crawlies at bay in the future. And Universe if you are listening, if you could just stick with cool things like geckos and frogs from now on, that would be fantastic.

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